Diamond Stud!

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NEIL gets his own section cause when you speak of NEIL you can’t speak in bulleted statements.

The hubby and I went on our first date in six months. Oh boy oh boy did we need it. Back in April the hubby purchased NEIL Diamond tickets for us for my birthday. I was something we connected with while watching American Idol.

Our neighbor babysat the boy and her mom took care of the monkey and of course he was the best baby ever. And I quote…”If I was guaranteed my baby would act like that I would have another one.” That’s right folks…we done good. For now anyway.

The concert was at the Toyota center and we had a romantic dinner preshow that consisted of Subway…in the car. Please…it was a school night and we work over here!

I posted earlier in the year that the hubby and I attended a concert where we were the oldest ones there…and I was pregnant to boot. This night we were one of the youngest ones there…if you don’t count the little girl in the row in front of us. We had a great time. Our seats were on the floor, in the second section from the stage, near a walkway, prime people watching seats folks.

NEIL and his machismo self had an exquisite performance. For a guy in his mid-sixties it was an honor to see an Icon of his proportion perform. He sang all the songs you know and love. Sweet Caroline raised the roof but when he started playing it again…right after we just finished it…I wasn’t feeling it. It was odd. But…it is NEIL. I was a little sad he didn’t wear a shiny shirt. I love me some shiny NEIL.

It was a great night and just what the hubby and I needed, I little escape. Now that we know the Monkey will do ok with a babysitter I think we will take advantage of a bit more outings. Sushi at Chi…here we come.

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