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This week was my first week “officially” back at work and it actually feels good. I do miss the monkey and planning my days with him and having the house straightened and the laundry done but whatever…it will get done eventually. I have fell right back into pace and being out is just a tiny glint in my already crazy and hectic work “to do” list.

I could not have asked for a better week “trying out” our new schedule. I get as much done the night before as I can, wash and prep bottles, get my food for the next day ready, lay clothes out. I get up at 5 -5:30 to be at work by 8:30. How crazy is that? I must say though the boys have been great.

I figured out a way to get the boy to get himself dressed without constantly nagging…the TV doesn’t go on until he is dressed. Just like that…no arguments, no begging, and no frustrated mom walking out the door, it’s pleasant.

The monkey has been sleeping until I get him up in the AM, except for one morning he got up just as I got up therefore he had to stay up as I got ready for work. He was fine except for the last 15 minutes it took me to make breakfast for me and the boy and get everything…including the kitchen sink in the car. I kept telling him…which I’m sure he understood completey…if he just would have slept later he wouldn’t be so upset now. Two seconds after we were in the car he was out. Buckethead.

The monkey loves daycare…that I can tell anyway cause he hasn’t come out and said “I love daycare”. He hasn’t cried once when I have left him, except for the first day but mom was crying too. They tell me he loves to be talked to that he just smiles and smiles, I love his smile. It totally draws you in with his innocence and genuine nature. They say lately he has been finding his voice and telling stories. I’ve noticed this too and that story about the rabbi, the priest and the blonde…freakin hilarious.

The boy had a better week at school this week. I would even categorize it as a good week. He had one really bad day, an excellent day and good days the rest of the week. Keep your fingers crossed I didn’t jinx today by admitting he’s been doing well. I am hoping we have turned a corner since I am back to work and we are really trying to work with him and pay attention to his needs. Not the needs that are I need another car, another chocolate milk, another story, another five minutes…those are the annoying needs he thinks he ‘needs’. I mean the spending quality time, teaching him the right choices and not letting him get away with the wrong ones. I’m seeing progress, although there are setbacks sometimes which overshadow all the progress but more often than not I’m beginning to see the amazing brilliant boy fight through this…whatever…and shine brightly.

No rest for the weary…the hubby. Sigh…they lost a lot of time and momentum with the business after the hurricane. They are still not up and running at full capacity. I know there is perspective and yes, at least he has enough of a business to get back up and running and I feel deeply sad for those that don’t. With that said…the hubby…he’s been working hard…harder…the hardest. I am proud to see how hard he has worked and rallied around the biz to do what he has to do to get things up and running. No electricity…ha…bought a generator. Chocolate doesn’t do well in heat…ha…got a refrigerated truck. No internet for an internet based company…ha…work at Starbucks and process almost 100 orders in a day with artwork to boot; dyes ordered and customers satisfied. BAM! I have and continue to witness a man that will persevere through anything. Have I mentioned he never once forgot about making sure his wife and two kids were safe and comfortable? A man like none other I’ve known and I’m so very happy to call MY husband. Yep…he’s all mine. Take that chicken soup girl! I love you sweetie and I’m so very proud of you. I want to be just like you when I grow up…you cradle robber you.

We are taking our family pictures this weekend. Green jeans….lol meaning we will be wearing green (sage) shirts with jeans. We all have dark features and look exceptional in green, although it is going to be tough finding stuff for the baby. But here’s hoping. I have some really cute ideas for poses…I’m really excited.

A couple of other things on tap for the weekend…one that may involve a pecan pie…made by me! YUMOLICIOUS.

Mid WOE report!! Staying on track this week…I’ll give a full report on Monday.

Everyone have an outstanding weekend.

**Edit**How could I have forgotten to mention the monkey slept THROUGH the night last night! I turned over and looked at the clock and it said 4:30. I shut my eyes and processed what I just saw and they flew open…4:30! Oh my gosh…something is wrong. What if something is wrong. SIDS…oh many I can’t go up there. I can’t imagine what is waiting for me. I was almost in tears. I layed there for thirty minutes and contemplated when I was going to muster up enough courage to check on the monkey. I was halfway hoping he would cry out waking himself up. That never happened.

Around 5 I get up and make my way upstairs. Still wrestling with my feelings as to what I was going to find. I open the door, peer over the crib and there my beautiful son is peacefully sleeping. I touch his cheek to rouse him awake and pick him up and nuzzle his head under my chin and breathe in his scent. All was good in the world.

I did the same thing with my firstborn. I think as a mom you get in a routine with getting up during the night and unbeknownst to you at the time there is comfort in those midnight hours when it is just the two of you. The first time that isn’t there most moms cannot help but think the worst.

My monkey is safe and beautiful and loving and amazing. Our family is so blessed!


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