Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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The report from the hubby was the office was better than expected but still bad. They are all but shut down. This is huge blow as they are nominally ramping up to their busy season about now. I have ache in my stomach but I ignore it in order to keep a positive outlook on everything. We have our family…that is the important thing. I tell myself that over and over again.

In the evening I meet Mandy and her three kids for dinner, this was supposed to happen on Sunday but was postponed due to the news on the business. Mandy texted me the address to the restaurant we were to eat at and I was like coolio I’ll just put it in my trusty GPS. One drawback people is you need to make sure you update your GPS every year at least. Mine is a couple of years old and newly developed areas do not register on maps that are two years old. So…the address I was attempting to locate did not exist according to my GPS. FUN! What turned out to be a ten minute commute ended up being an hour. (I only found out it was ten minutes on my way home). Isn’t that special…

Needless to say it was great meeting Mandy’s kids and we had good conversation. I need to plan a girl’s trip one weekend to spend some quality one on one time, with zero distractions.

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