Thursday, September 18, 2008

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We left Dallas at 1 pm and made it to Houston by 5. The boys did great! I only had to stop twice for the baby and that was about right. I, however, don’t think I was prepared for what I saw. Of course I saw the wind damage starting at about Conroe and didn’t see much more until I got to our community. Holy smokes…we ended up losing about 50% of our trees and we live in a heavily wooded area. The hubby said it was much worse when he came in on Monday and they had cleaned up most of the mess. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The neighbors were out barbequing which had become a nightly event. Everyone would bring over their food to cook so it wouldn’t go bad. I so love our neighbors. Do you want to know how amazing our neighbors are…well I’ll tell you but first a little insight to my previous experience with neighbors. Growing up there was a time when all the neighbors knew everyone, we even had a block party one forth of July holiday. That was about the peak of socialization, everyone started moving away shortly after. From then on we never really socialized with new neighbors and kept to ourselves. The same rang true when I moved out. The house the hubby and lived in before our current house I couldn’t tell you one of the neighbors name. It all changed when we moved into our current house and on our very special street.

I’ve mentioned before we have flamingo parties every few months but from the get go all of our neighbors have been truly special and always going above and beyond.

One of our neighbors owns a trucking company and offered a refrigerated truck to the hubby in order for him to store their chocolate and they wouldn’t lose their inventory. Another one of our neighbors gave the hubby gas to put in the generator when none was to be found.

Yet another neighbor showed the hubby how to hook the generator to the fuse box to have power for pretty much everything.

AND finally before we even got home a bunch of the neighbors went up and down the street standing up all the trees that had fallen over and specifically propped our fence back up with another two by four.

I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing there are still good people in the world that are always willing to extend a helping hand without even being asked.

PCL has the best peeps ever. Oh…there is a house for sale on our street. If you are lookin you better jump on it cause it would be the best experience ever. Did I mention we have Flamingo parties!!

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