Saturday, September 13, 2008

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As soon as I woke up Saturday morning I turned on the news to see what had transpired during the night and needed to know about the storm surge. Thank God it didn’t happen as bad as they predicted. I called my Granny and they were fine and no water to be seen. I checked in with the rest of my friends and family and neighbors and all reports were good, minimal damage in the form of trees, fences, a few shingles and one lone trampoline. I could breathe again. Our neighbors did mention that the eye of the storm came right over our community. It was dead calm for 45 minutes before the Northeast wall came through. Crazy stuff and I’m glad we weren’t there for the experience.

We continued to watch the news to see how bad the storm really was. It is amazing being in another city, looking out the window at a beautiful day and seeing such devastation in your city, the city you grew up in, the city you live and work in, the beaches you grew up on…seeing that all go away in less than 24 hours. It is hard to believe.

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