Present day, September 11, 2008

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We are evacuating from a little ole hurricane known as Ike. The familia and I packed up and headed to Dallas to escape the storms wrath. You may ask if we live on the coast and the answer is no, no where near the coast but we are concerned about losing electricity for an indeterminate amount of time and in order to spare our four year old and three month old that hardship we packed em up and moved out.

We bypassed traffic by heading up 59 then cutting over to 45 around Cleveland…gotta love GPS. It still took us about 6 hours to get there with the three or four stops we made to console the three month old. I was glad to be out of harms way but worried about my family who had decided to stay in a mandatory evacuation area.

We ate at a crappy Italian place and turned in relatively early. We were all spent from the day’s activities.

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