Monday, September 22, 2008

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That would be today…whew…tiring aint it. I was supposed to start work today as my official day back from a three in a half stint on maternity leave. Well…thanks to Ike my plans had to change. Both of the boys’ schools are closed and we over course still have no power. I really want to acclimate the monkey so it won’t be so traumatizing to him to leave him there all day, my days are running out and I really need to get back to it.

Thankfully I spoke to my manager and she agreed to let me telework this week. Thank God.

Oh, I drove around Kemah and Seabrook this afternoon. Crazy…crazy stuff. A week and a half later and there are still boats in people’s yard and the debris of trees is truly amazing. I can’t believe how many trees were lost. I can’t imagine what Galveston looks like in person. They still aren’t letting people on the island…perhaps Wednesday.

I am so thankful I have great friends that have taken us in and have fed us and given us a nice cool, comfortable place to stay.

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