Friday, September 12, 2008

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We decided to make the best of the situation and do a little site seeing. The hubby had never seen the grassy knoll so we went a ‘ridin’ and saw it all. One thing I found out during this visit was there are x’s on the street near the grassy knoll that signify where JFK was shot. It was very creepy. I’ll post pix when we get them off the camera. We also drove around Deep Ellum. Too bad the hubby and I couldn’t go see a few bands that evening…that would have been amazing.

The remainder of the day we stayed glued to the news hoping against all hope the storm would turn or move or just fade away as I don’t wish this devastation on anyone. Of course the reports were getting worse and worse and for a city that was barely in the “cone of uncertainty” a few day prior the storm was barreling down straight away. The most disturbing thing I heard was meteorologist telling people to get out because the storm surge was going to be over 20 feet and those left behind were to face certain death. That hit home and hit home hard, my grandparents chose not to leave. They suffered during the Rita evacuation and eventually turned around and went home…this was when Rita was a CAT 5 and headed straight for us my friends. They didn’t want the same thing to happen so they chose to stay. I called many times and ask them to reconsider but my Papa would not. My Granny told me they had a sledgehammer, an axe and life jackets in the attic. I just cried and prayed they would be spared.

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