WOE – Week 3 Results

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Still “Crack a Lackin”…lackin in weight that is! Down 1.8 lbs and I’m back in the 150’s again…snoopy dance. I was in the lower 150’s before I got pregnant and I am very happy with three months postpartum and I can already fit back in my prepregnancy clothes AND I have saggy butt syndrome! Bring it baby.

Funny story…when I weighed in the morning the scale read 160, I dropped my son off and came back and had to…um…go to the bathroom. I then undressed and weighed again and you guessed it…I was snoopy dancin naked when I saw I had lost and additional .6.

The end of week three was a bit tough, I had a gynormous craving for sweets and on Sunday since we stayed in all day and I was bored. I pretty much resisted all urges until the afternoon and I felt like I ate and ate and ate until I remembered there was a chocolate truffle stashed on top of the frig from like six months ago. I found it and it was the freakin best truffle I ever tasted and just what I wanted.

I feel guilty now if I deviate from the plan in any manner, which is good because it keeps me on track but goodness if I have a bowl of cereal…with milk I’m all scared I’m going to get caught and immediately gain 10 pounds. Oh the torture we put ourselves through. I then get on the scale and I still managed to loose. I was worried, the chronic weigher than I am, I thought I wasn’t going to see any results but low and behold…I eeked by.

I did measure but there wasn’t a change in the waist but I did loose an inch in my hips…so that’s something.

Week 4 is so far so good. I’m getting this stuff down and even eating a bit more to stay on track while breastfeeding…it’s workin for me…now I just need to get exercising in there somewhere. They may not happen until round two of “Crackin”.

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