Family Vacation to Dallas Compliments of Ike

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Looks like the family is heading to Dallas tomorrow in anticipation of Ike making his way pretty close to H-town. We live a decent ways inland unless of course it comes up the ship channel like Alicia did then we’re screwed. Nevertheless our concern is tornadoes and especially losing power. With the baby being so new it doesn’t sound the least bit fun riding out the storm with a three month old and potentially scaring the bejesus out of our four year old. I have a friend that lives in Dallas and we’ve already made plans to get together and OMG…the hubby hasn’t been to the grassy knoll. WHAAAAA?

So…I’m packing us up and as soon as the hubby gets home tomorrow we’re out. We gave two GPSs and we’re planning on back roading it to Dallas which honestly I think could be fun. I’ve lived here my entire life and never took the back roads even though I LOVE going through and stopping in small towns so I look at it as and adventure which I believe it will prove to be spending several hours in a car with two kids under the age of five.

I’ve called a few of our neighbors on our street and they are all staying but I am concerned about my Granny. She lives about five miles from the coast and next door to the house where I grew up in and when Alicia came through it wasn’t fun. Tornadoes hitting all around us. When I spoke with her this evening she did say my Dad had came over and boarded up the house and battened down the hatches. I hope and pray they stay safe.

If you pray say one for us in H-town and the surrounding cities that may be affected.

I’ll be reporting in from Dallas. Everyone stay safe!

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