Did not meet Mr. Crabs

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Over the weekend I made the family go crabbing. We live a minute from Lake Houston and the forecast was to be in the high 60’s in the morning and I wanted to get out and enjoy it. Plus I had some extra chicken thighs from a “Crackin” recipe and what better way to get rid of them than to catch some crabs.

Well…there doesn’t seem to be any crabs that live in Lake Houston or the water was too choppy…or we were too close to the shore or…we just suck at crabbing. We didn’t catch a thing…not even the catfish were interested. Maybe they are boob crabs and prefer breast to thighs? Who knows…but the boy and the hubby seem to have good time exploring and climbing on the rocks along the bank of the lake. Evidently the boy got out on a rock that was slimy and took a quick dip in the water. He didn’t seem to mind.

Next time we go to Armand Bayou where I know there are crabs a plenty. I can’t wait for the boy to get his first crab and as a kid we always had crab races to see which one would make it back in the water first. FUN Stuff. We took pictures, I’ll have to post them next week.

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