WOE – Week 2 Results

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Quicky here…didn’t want to get to the weekend without posting my WOE results. Lost 1.8 lbs and 1/2 an inch on the waistline. As you can see results slowed down considerably. I’m not worried adding carbs in this week makes since but I still lost and I am continuing to lose and that is what I am working toward. Whooo hooo!!

Yeppers it’s going great and I’ve been more busy lately that I’ve having a hard time eating all the meals. So I’m thinking I’m going to start prepping food the day before and carry around a cooler packed with everything I need to eat for the day, cept for dinner of course…I never forget that one. I’m even starting this for the boy…instead of grabbing McDonald’s for lunch cause we’re out in about I’ll have my one version of the burger that I made and know what is in it. I’m even trying my hand at apple fries that Burger King came up with to see how those go over. I’ll let you know how it all works out.

Actually it’s pretty fun shopping these days, it offers a challenge and just try finding things that don’t have sugar, aren’t sweented with an artifical sweetner and taste good and must be organic that a four year old will eat. Fun stuff.

Have a good weekend! Keep WOEing!

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