WOE – Week 1 Complete and the results are in…

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Drum roll please…6 lbs!! Snoopy Dance! AND 2 inches off the waist. Snoopy dancing naked!! (Got a little over zealous there). Now I did have a challenge to overcome and that was breastfeeding. I believe my supply dipped a bit so in order to compensate I ate a tad bit bigger portion and ate two extra servings of cheese a day. I can already tell my supply is back up by making those mods. It should be smooth sailing for the duration since I get to eat me some carbs…in moderation of course but I’m so excited about my sugar free Jell-O with reddi whip tonight!! Oh…and I just made the Crispy Lettuce Wraps…YUM-O! Ok…enough with the exclamation points already.

I visited the dermatologist today and she froze a bunch of stuff that I can’t remember the name of but were brought on primarily by pregnancy and those hormones that come along for the ride. I had a spot on my face that looked like a gynormous sun spot and she took care of it. Only downside is that I get to walk around for about a week with an even darker mark on my face; worth it, totally.

I’m on the downside of week two of WOEing it; yeah…I’m a blogging slacker. Things just come up…and I’m choosing sleep over blogging. I know…and I call myself a blogger. Yeah…yeah…yeah. I bet most of you do your blogging at work and I just can’t seem to fit my updates in as frequently as I used to.

Back to downside to week two, initial thoughts not bad at all except I went a little crazy on Friday and had sushi for lunch, come on I haven’t had REAL sushi in ten months. At least it was for lunch and not dinner and I made it work by switching my carb up days from Saturday to Friday and I got my weight back down. Of course I’ve been weighing myself everyday, which I know you are not supposed to do but I had to see the damage I had done. It was very reassuring to me that I can make mid week adjustments if necessary because life happens and still stay on track. Another thing that helps is the hubby is only eating fish for the next few weeks so for dinner…my protein is pretty much always some sort of fish.

Whey Protein Story…I went to buy more vanilla whey protein powder at our local Mr. Nutrition. Two things, one…I could put the little muscle bound dude in my pocket, I think my newborn is only slightly smaller than he was; and two, the idiot knew nothing about protein powder. Well…let me give him some credit, he didn’t know ALL the things he should know about protein powder. He didn’t even know who Jay Robb was…WHAAA? Nor did he have a clue what the brands he did carry were sweetened with. Seriously. We did buy some crap and I hate it but I’m going to push through, I still have the chocolate flavor from Jay Robb that will be what I drink in my shakes and I will put this crap we bought in everything (oatmeal, crepes, pancakes) so I can hurry up and buy JR’s vanilla flavor again. Aftertaste in anything that isn’t a warm walnut and chocolate chip tollhouse cookie SUCKS. Blah! Pushing through.

Can’t close without mentioning hurricane Gustav. It looks like we in Houston will be spared however those to the east of us…not so much. The weather peeps are saying it is going to be nasty and I am hoping against all hope we don’t see a repeat of three years ago. A good friend of mine has family that lives in Houma, keep them in your prayers as well as all the others sticking around for their own reasons. Heaven help us with the media coverage. I think some of the reporters are actually disappointed it isn’t coming our way.

And finally, Labor Day, Why exactly do we have this holiday? Not that I am complaining it is just we were talking about it with the boy and we couldn’t really tell him why we have the day off; to celebrate Labor? I think we are off the hook this year but next year we really need to be better prepared.

Have a great celebration of Labor…Day!

I’m out.

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