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Saturday the family visited the Houston Childrens Museum and who knew all the exceptionally fun stuff they had there. We decided as a family to plan family outings…other than errands for a change. First outing…the HCM and it was lovely. The boy had a blast. We got there as soon as the doors opened so we were able to enjoy about thirty minutes of a thin crowd then it began to fill up and fast. The boy had sensory overload and kept running from one thing to another.

I see a pattern developing with him and I must say I am guilty of it to and have to make a conscious effort to enjoy the present, I’m always looking for what is next and it is hard for me to stop and smell the roses per se. I see this in the boy and I hope I can find guidance to manage that trait because I don’t necessarily think it is healthy and could lead to an unfulfilling life. Like I said I know this about myself and have to make an effort to keep it under control.

Back to the museum…I had the monkey strapped to me in the Bjorn and we bounced around the place trying to keep up with the boy, I’m thinking it will get real interesting when two are going in all different directions. The hubby and I are working on our tag teaming skills so hopefully will have it figured out in a year or so before the monkey learns to walk.

The hubby and I just finished watching “Crank”, it’s one of those overly violent, indulging popcorn films and I like it. Jason Statham is my new favorite actor. You can see him in the new movie “Death Race” and he was also in “Snatch”. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is I like so much about him but he definitely has presence as a leading man in all of the films I’ve seen. Check out “Bank Job”, the hubby and I saw that last weekend, that was a good one to watch and based on a true story.

I think the monkey is FINALLY on a schedule at night. For the past two nights he has only gotten up once and the first shift of sleep is now four hours I’m so not complaining. I hope to be back in my bed by the months end.

Finishing up the first week of WOE tomorrow is my last day of the deplete cycle thank goodness. Starting Tuesday my meals should be more “normal” of sort and I believe I should be back on track with breastfeeding meaning I can tell there has been a slight decrease in production and my energy level so I’m eating a bit more in portion size and drinking a ton, no…literally a ton of water every day to compensate. I have 500 calories at least I have to make up!

I’ve been weighing everyday and I know I shouldn’t…I’m fixin to throw the scale out the f’n window. Regardless of the numbers I can tell I’m shrinking and that so jazzes me. I’ve promised myself to stay off the scale and wait until Tuesday to weigh and measure…wish me luck.

Look at me posting on a Sunday!! Changes…they are a comin…stay tuned.

I’m out.

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