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Lunch with the ladies today was wonderful. All of us are doing the WOE and it was great to talk about it and compare notes. I also got caught up on the work gossip as always. Nothing too exciting but I always look forward to the company and conversation…it’s getting me through my maternity leave time…love my girls.

I’m a buckethead and forget to check the diaper bag for diapers and low and behold I go to change the monkey who had a dirty diaper and guess what…no diapers…that’s a problem. Thankfully I use cloth diapers for burp rags and I slapped one of those on the monkey’s bottom and off we went. Of course it took him all of two minutes to wet through the diaper but it was a quick fix until I got home.

This weekend I am bound and determined to have a good weekend with the family. Saturday we’re going to go to the Children’s Museum downtown and I just know the boy will have a great time and it will do the family good.

I planned my menu for next week…OMG…if you don’t have an Iphone GET ONE!! There is an application called Shopper and it allows you to create a shopping list of whatever, even has categories and such. I checked the food I needed based on my menu and emailed it to the hubby in case he goes to the grocery store this weekend!! How awesome is that.

Now I’m attempting to plan the weekend so we can be productive and have quality family time. The boy starts his new school on Monday and he is soooo excited.

I get to exercise beginning Tuesday so I need to plan that too. I will have to stick to the elliptical for now cause the ‘girls’ (e.g. boobs) are not ready to run yet, talk about painful. So I’m planning elliptical and core training.

Have a great weekend everyone…look at me…posting two days in a row!

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