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It’s finally time to fess up…I’ve joined the “Crack The Fat Loss Code” [Way of Eating] bandwagon…My plan was to keep it a secret and surprise everyone with seeing less of me by the time I return to work in a month but that lasted all of one hour. LOL I had to tell somebody and honestly it will help to have the support of everyone during those hard days. Plus a few of the girls are two and three weeks ahead of me and they have been losing mad weight and INCHES. The good thing about this program seems to be it pretty much mimics what I’m doing now but gives more insight to how foods work together therefore I am able to tweak my food to work the best for me. Oh and cut out the sugary cereal before bedtime. Prior to starting this program I’ve felt snacks and lunch were the hardest and the after dinner sweet craving. I am hoping the recommendations in the program will provide me with my cravings but in a healthy way.

I took my measurements today which is what I’m more concerned about than the weight. If I weigh 150 but fit into a size six…who cares about the scale.

Here is my recap of the last few days.

Day 1 (Tuesday) – went well. I ate about every two hours and all six meals. It wasn’t too difficult and I didn’t get all that hungry. I looked forward to the next meal AND I even ate cottage cheese. Thanks to my little friends Splenda and Cinnamon. YAY ME!

Day 2 – struggled a bit. I think I am having feeling the decrease in energy the book talked about…waiting for that surge any minute now…waiting…waiting. All during my pregnancy and up until Tuesday I’ve been indulging in carbs galore. I’ve had a dull headache for the past two days. Also, I wanted bread…I went through the pantry looking for what I could find that was low in carbs. Thankfully I looked at all the labels and finally gave up and had cheese instead. I am experiencing hunger in between meals. The book says if that happens you aren’t eating enough but I am eating the portions they recommend so I’m wondering if it has anything to do with breastfeeding. I’ll experiment on day 3. Oh…I’ve limited myself to one Diet Dr. Pepper a day which is no big deal but while I was out running errands I was hungry and I wanted a DDP and oddly enough Target was sold out of the cold ones. Obviously I wasn’t meant to have one…which would have been two and a total of three servings. Staying on track!

Day 3 – getting there. I woke up a bit groggy…mostly from staying up to watch May/Walsh win gold and then I was up every three hours with the monkey. Around 3ish I think I finally felt the ‘surge’ she talks about. I read the suggested time in between eating is 3-4 hours…ha…ha…not so much but did go three hours today so perhaps I’m evening out. I made the Turkey Taco Salad…YUMO! Actually all the suggested recipes have been tasty. Oh and cottage cheese three days in a row…you don’t even know how big that is for me. I didn’t weigh just to see what was going on and down 3lbs…holy cow this may just work.

Go Professor/Beijing Beast (Rogers/Dalhausser) who go for GOLD tonight.

YAY to the USA Women’s soccer team who won the GOLD against Brazil. We so rock!

Rock on!

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