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Friday night Nic and I attended the Dave Mathews Band concert while the hubby watched the boys. This was the hubby’s first time to be alone with the baby for more than 20 minutes and it showed. The monkey was not happy and cried most of the time, I was afraid that would happen. I was anxious to get home and relieve the stress on both of them. When I walked through the door the hubby was in the recliner rocking the monkey and the monkey was out. I have a very supportive hubby and even under the amount of stress he has been under of late he didn’t hesitate to take on watching a 9 week old baby for six hours along with a four year old to boot. Gotta love a man like that.

The concert was great. Nic had great seats…it was hotter than hell but totally worth it. I’ve seen Dave 5 times since my first in 2001 and each experience has been unique. That is why I keep going back time and time again. This year Tim Reynolds made a guest appearance and Dave played two covers, “Burning Down the House” from Talking Heads and “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel. Now I don’t particularly care for either of those songs but when Dave is playing them they are my most favorite song ever. It also amazed me that for not liking either of those songs I knew every word…thanks to the radio playing them over and over and over and over…back in the day before there were Ipods.

Oh and a super secret great way to get in and get out when attending a concert at the pavilion…valet park at Market Street. Shhhh…the best 5 bucks plus tip ever spent. Just make sure you pick your car up before midnight.

Saturday I took the boy to a birthday party, I can only imagine the hubby looked forward to that time alone, even if he was running around the city all day long. After the party all the young boys took a nap and you know what that means…Mama gets to take a nap too! It was heavenly.

Sunday we ran errands in the morning then napped and watched the Olympics and of course witnessed Michael Phelps get his eighth medal. Oh…I caught the women’s marathon and I was sad to hear Dana Castor had to bail shortly after the race started. Horrible luck after all that hard work to get there.

The week for me will be busy with knocking stuff off my to do list. I’m taking a week off from the exercise; I’ll pick it back up with a vengeance next week.

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