2 week recap AND the Olympics

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Gots a lot to write about and although old news at this point I absolutely have to bring up the media coverage for Tropical storm Edouard and I can capture the experience in one word…LAUGHABLE. I mean seriously…some yahoo in Baytown was standing in his rain slicker, in the gutter and actually reporting on the water running, make sure you are sitting down for this one, TO THE SEWER. Yes, he was standing in the gutter as the water trickled over his wellies. I hope there is some sort of broadcast journalism award he can be nominated for because although it was normal rain runoff making its way to the sewer he was reporting the shit of out of the experience.

The Wayne’s, yeah, we got water and I kept the boy home from school and that’s about it. We did move the patio furniture in the garage to be safe, I blame that on living on the Gulf coast for most of my living years and being used prepping for hurricanes like no ones business. Thankfully it turned and we received some much needed rain. Let’s hope that will be the worst we get this year.

This weekend we had a family outing and attended Maddox’s third birthday. The theme was Scooby Doo and the cake…YUM-O! It was like a mini wedding cake…one of the good ones. The boys did well, including the hubby, after running to Target to get the formula that I forgot to pack that is… The boy played and the monkey stuck with me in the Bjorn, absolutely a must have with this one. It was nice to socialize with adults and see my friends. We stayed a few hours then headed home. So much more work than it used to be. We were wiped out.

This week as been a flurry of business; Monday and Tuesday were chores and errands. Wednesday was the monkey’s two month doctor’s appointment. Yes, it’s been two months, can you believe it…I can’t. The monkey got a rave review, 10lbs 10oz, 22 inches long and healthy. He got four shots and I think it was harder on me than it was on him. Although he did wake up after his nap and he was hurting. He ate a bit and I just held him as he whimpered. I put a cold pack on his little legs and that seems to help a lot. I thought it was going to be a long night but it turned out to be a decent one.

One thing I absolutely have to talk about is something the hubby and I witnessed at lunch yesterday. We ate at Sweet Tomatoes and for those not in the know it is a soup, salad and some various sides and dessert buffet restaurant. The hubby, myself and the monkey were sitting in the corner eating our salads and we preceeded to watched a kid sitting next to us go back for more food at least six to seven times. Now it wasn’t one or two items he would come back with it was six or seven things with his plates runneth over. In your mind you may be picturing an overweight person participating in such an event. NOPE. The man boy looked like he was anorexic, seriously. The hubby and I think he may be on drugs and he might have been his allocated one time a week prior to going on a bender. There is no possible way a normal human being could consume the amount of food he was eating in one sitting without something abnormal going on, made for good conversation though.

This morning the family went to our local Montessori school so the boy could take a look around and we wanted to gauge his reaction to the new school, looks like we have a winner. We sat in on the class for about 45 minutes and the boy participated in a few class activities and did well. He didn’t have to be instructed more than once and he did what he was told once. I would like to think it wasn’t just because we were there. One thing the hubby noticed was there was not a single toy in the classroom. I think this is the program for us and the boy is going to thrive. The hubby and I did talk to the boy’s current school owner and told him of our plans, he was great and solidified he does what he does for the kids and not to make a buck. He gave us a lot of advice and some things to think about before the boy goes to Kindergarten or first grade.

After our visit it was off to meet the girls for lunch. We had yummy bbq. I look forward to meeting with my girls every week. Tomorrow Nic and I are going to see the Dave Matthews Band. Whoo hoo. I’m so looking forward to getting to be me for a night but it will be the first time I will be without the monkey (expect for 15 minutes once when I went to pick the boy up from school). We will have fun and I hope he does well for the hubby. It will be challenging, not going to sugar coat but I hope that all get through it unscathed.

And finally the Olympics. I love me some Olys! I get the pleasure of watching the games during the day and I love every minute of it. Even the badminton, fencing and archery are fun to have in the background as I’m doing chores. It is getting bad though, I had a dream about Michael Phelps last night, he was levitating and I was walking underneath him. Not saying I’m a Phan but the media is gaga over him so I’m thinking the amount of hours I watch the Olys is starting to take their toll. And those Chinese gymnasts…so not 16! Go for 8 MP!

I’ll try not to wait so long next time in between posts I know it makes for a hard read.

I’m out.

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