Catching Up and a Tropical Storm to boot…

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Wednesday lunch with the girls was great, I didn’t want it to end, good conversation. The hubby asked me later that night what we talked about and I had to think about it and it occur ed to me that I did most of the talking. Oh well, lots to catch up on, thankfully I have IM and I still get to stay dialed in.

I didn’t waste any time packing up all the maternity clothes on Tuesday afternoon, I was bound and determined to get them out of my house and back to Jodie. Two boxes of maternity clothes and a additional box of the preemie clothes are officially out of the house. The hubby will be so happy.

I borrowed Jodie’s jogging stroller and I was so excited about trying it out on Thursday. First of all the Monkey looked like a spot in that thing, he is still so little. Second, he hated it!! I resigned to the fact that he is still too little for the jogger but it was so nice, even heavenly with it’s smoothness and being able to shield the sun with the cover stead of burp cloths. Oh well, back to the carrier and snap n go, temporarily.

I am happy to report I’ve been walking regularly and doing core exercises all week that is everyday except Wednesday and that’s because I met the girls for lunch and it takes like five hours to get anywhere with the monkey it tow. I’m feeling really good about it all, this first week anyway. One week closer to getting my body back.

After lunch I stopped by Granny’s work to surprise her, she was so happy to see the monkey and loved him up.

Friday I finally received an email from a blast from my past…Mandy. She and I were best friends growing up, she moved to Dallas my Freshman year in high school and we managed to stay friends until I graduated then we grew more distant.

Mandy still lives in Dallas and coincidentally enough she was coming to Houston on Saturday to pick up her kids from the airport. Turns out her hotel was about 15 minutes from my house and we were able to arrange seeing each other for dinner at mi casa. I was excited to see her, a bit nervous, it’s been almost ten years since I saw her last and that didn’t go too well. Bottom line I hated her husband and she was the shell of the girl I knew. She got here around 6ish and after about ten minutes it was like we were 16 again, it felt like old times. Turns out we still have so much in common, I’ve decided I’m going to make an effort to keep up correspondence, she’s good people and one should always keep good people in their circle.

Sunday I went to Granny’s for a scheduled visit. It didn’t go too well, the Monkey was fussy and it wasn’t a relaxing visit by any means but I was glad Granny and PaPa and that other boy Donald got the see the boys, especially meeting the monkey for the first time.

Now it seems we are prepping for Tropical Storm Edouard. Fun stuff, I’m keeping the boy at home no matter what, that way I know he is safe. Tornadoes are the big concern and I want as much of my family as possible to be at home and safe.

One more note, the Monkey is going to sleep around 8ish…what a glorious feeling. The hubby and I actually get a hour or so for each other. Now we need to figure out what to do with all that time.

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