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Still here but I’ve been hella busy! The hubby had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and we got through it. It was challenging holding down the fort but the hubby was a model patient and I was determined to get through the short term development with my sanity in tact. Here to report…done and done. AND I made my first ever Kasha Varnishkas for the hubby…that’s a Jewish staple for those not in the know. Look at this Chicksa go!

The boys are doing fine. The monkey is growing like a weed, filling out and he started smiling regularly in the last couple of days. It is amazing to see his face light up. Bugamug is having a bit of difficulty of late with school and overall authority. We’re not sure if it is the new baby but I think he is spoiled, strong willed and generally a non-conformist; we rocked his world yesterday and we will so how that goes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get a good report from school today.

On the workout front I officially started this week. I walk in the morning, this week about 2 miles; I plan on stepping it up every week and eventually getting my run on. I also weight train and mix in core workouts daily. The monkey has been very cooperative, as long as I meet his demand of food between the walk and weights. We’re figuring it out.

I’m headed to Clear Lake tomorrow for lunch with the girls. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone. I’m kinda getting used to this staying at home routine, I’m able to get ‘to do’s’ marked off my list left and right. Yeah…no chance this stay at home mom temporary situation becomes permanent.

Short and sweet…but that’s about all I can muster lately, the Monkey is already showing signs of boredom, very loud I may add.

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