Veggin Out

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I’ve become ubermom! I’m pureeing veggies to ‘hide’ them in foods so my son will eat them…without his knowledge of course. We bought Jessica Seinfeld’s book “Deceptively Delicious” last year and I told myself and the hubby I was going to do this but I never made the time and made myself think it was an overwhelming task. Well…I bit the bullet today and took a look at the recipes and discovered I could freakin rock this. Most of the ingredients in the recipes I had and I just happened to be going to the grocery store today and I picked up extra veggies for the purees. I was a veggie buying ubermom, I also threw in Tofu for good measure. I strutted around the grocery store with confidence that’s right…look in my cart, veggies and lots of em, don’t adjust your glasses that’s two heads of cauliflower you are looking at, eat your heart out.

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