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4th of July

Today was the Monkey’s first 4th of July. I documented his blog with the event and I couldn’t help but think about my past 4th of July and the ones I have fond memories of.

I am not sure of the year but I had to be in 4th or 5th grade because my sister was still a toddler. A friend of my parents (The St. John’s) had family that had a house in Morgan’s Point right across the street from Sylvan Beach, they launch fire works off a barge in the bay. We were so close ash from the firecrackers rained down on us and my sister was so scared she screamed the entire time.

When I was in high school my Dad worked for the City of LaPorte and he we responsible for lighting the fireworks display. It was so cool seeing the fireworks and knowing my Dad was responsible for them. At the same time I was scared to death one would ignite on the barge, I think I spent more time watching those fireworks being lit than exploding in the sky.

Lake Texhoma 2002 – We had five boxes of fireworks and went to light them on the shore of the lake and a crowd of cars gathered on the opposite side of the shore and when a really good firework would go off they would honk their horns and flash their lights. It was quite a scene.

Russia 2003 – Celebrating the 4th in Star City, Russia was quite memorable, not to mention some other things that went on (everything happens for a reason babe). Being on lockdown due to a sucide bomber at a festival outside the city is something you don’t get in the good ole US of A!

This forth we kept it low key primarily due to the Monkey being so new. The hubby did pick up fireworks for the boys and we invited a few of our neighbors along for the ride as well. The boy had a great time and the monkey slept through most of them. The rest of the day we ran a few errands and the hubby and I watched Kung Fu Hussle in Blu Ray. As weird as it sounds…it is acutally a pretty good watch. Mindless.

Saturday Jod and Nic came over for a visit which was much needed. I missed ‘my girls’. We got caught up on everything and they brought the boy birthday gifts, which he loved and Jod sat with the baby the entire three hours they were here…which the monkey slept the entire time and continued to sleep until about 1:30 in the morning. Minor setback.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful…thankfully not much to report.

The upcoming week will be a series of choreographed events, the boy goes the doc on Monday. I’m taking both boys…by myself, it’s a bit more work than it used to be.

On Wednesday I’m heading down to Clear Lake for a going away ‘happy hour’ party. All the babies will be there and adult socializing…YAY.

Thursday I’m planning on taking both boys to Taekwondo. Should be exciting.

Fun stuff huh. LOL…the life of a temp SAHM.

I’m not mentally ready for the Jodieversary challenge yet, officially. I’m working on the eating habits but I REALLY want to exercise and my body is so not there yet. The doc should release me in a few weeks. Plus the hubby is fixin to have surgery on his knee on the 17th and I want to focus on parenting this two kid thingy right now and that mental challenge is all I can handle today. One day at a time.

Looks like I missed the Houston Half, no worries…it on for Austin!

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