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Time flies when you are having fun or have a newborn. Things have been going ok, Friday was my roughest day; I had my two week doc appmt to check on my incision. I was prepared and got to the doctor’s office in plenty of time. I was sitting in the waiting room and all these women were commenting on my baby and how tiny he was then the hormones overcame my will power not to cry and I lost it. Not really sure why I couldn’t compose myself but the factors add up to hormones and being a bit overwhelmed as a new mom…again.

Friday was the first day I was on my own, in the outside world with the baby, late nights, early mornings and being on demand came to a head right there in the doctor’s office. The doc asked if I needed any anti depressants, yes one of the few out there that do not currently take AD meds. I stress currently, just kidding…or not. We made it home but the monkey cried the last twenty minutes of the ride home. Good times.

Saturday I felt much better and got my confidence back, so much so in the evening I went for a car ride and took both of the boys while the hubby made an appearance at the flamingo party. We didn’t ‘go’ anywhere just drove, which I love to do to clear my head every now and again. I gave the boy a bath and put him to bed, I needed to prove to myself that I can adjust to this new way of life and I did a damn good job. The monkey is still up a lot during the night and boy it is taking its toll.

Monday I was the model wife and mom. I had the house straightened up, dinner on the table and the young boys and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Then I was pooped. I was happy I started walking but I could tell that my incision still hasn’t healed 100% because I felt it after all the activity from the day.

Tuesday the monkey had his two week checkup and great news. He weighs 6 lbs 9 ouches and has grown to 19 ¼ inches long. He is in the 10-25% for his weight and 50% for his height. Everything else is perfect and other than the heel stick and more tears from me it was a good day. The hubby and I had lunch at Katz’s before the doc appmt. It was nice to get back to normal, even if the new normal is a lil guy accompanying us for awhile.

Last night the monkey and I had a stand off with sleeping arrangements. Since he has been born he has slept on me (count 18 days), just doing what I had to do to get some sleep. Well…Mom has had enough and last night we went to the spare bedroom and we started sleeping in the co-sleeper. It was a bit tough, he wasn’t happy that 1. He was in a swaddle and 2. He was not on mommy. He hadn’t been comfortable on me for the last few days anyway.

So…it is Wednesday and the monkey is napping in the bassinet, trying to get him on a scheduled as fast as possible, I need this in a big way.

Our plans for the fourth…looks like we’re going keep it low key and meet up with the neighbors in the evening for fireworks for the kids. FUN!!

Now for the Jodieversary Challenge.

The challenge officially started yesterday…I was bad but I’m not dwelling on it…moving on to today, I did weigh and I’m following P.O.M.‘s lead and posting my starting weight stats and goal. It was inspirational for me to see that info and know my goal is achievable with hard work.

I am not able to exercise yet…so my plan is to get my eating under control until the doc releases me, prolly won’t make this challenge but I gots to start somewhere.

And finally…there is someone special in my life that I can’t say enough about how special he is to me and the boys…my hubby. He has been spending a lot of time with the boy and keeping him occupied while I get the monkey acclimated to his new life with us. He cooks dinner, makes sure the boy is clean and ready for bed, reads stories and stays with him as long as it takes to get the boy to sleep all the while coping with his business and doing all he was doing before…in a nutshell he is no couch potato and I just want to put it on paper (or web) how important he is to me and I couldn’t even think about doing this without him.

Everything is stressful and a bit chaotic right now but I know one day…it will just be.

Holy cow…just read Steve’s comment about the Houston Marathon and Half reaching capacity this weekend. CRAZY!! I am still planning on training and perhaps may look to do Austin or one in the vacinity just can’t commit to spending the cashiola and not be able to get there. It will work out as it should.

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