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The monkey is 11 days old. He is growing AND eating like a wild man. Usually during the night he nurses for 45 minutes and still wants more. We purchased a finger feeder with the boy the first time around and finally broke it out last night. I tried using a bottle but the monkey was having a hard time. I think we are slowly getting into a routine. The monkey only got up officially once last night but stayed up for over an hour cause he was hungry.

One problem…He sleeps on me at night, we are transitioning to the bassinet during the day which helps and starting today I am going to keep him in the bassinet at night, I may move to the bedroom upstairs to give hubby a bit of reprieve before he goes back to work on Thursday.

All in all the monkey is doing well, he doesn’t go to the doc until next Tuesday for his two week checkup but I can tell he’s already gained weight. I should hope so…if his eating pattern is any indication…The monkey will be on solids within two weeks at his current rate of consumption.

Here is a pic of ‘My boys’…LOVE THEM!

Back on the ‘working out’ front…I’m starting a challenge among friends next week that will go from July 1st through July 31st. I’ve already lost 17 lbs of the prego weight. I’m going for getting back in running shape and soon, I miss it so. Walking starts in the AM tomorrow, I think it will be good for me and the monkey.

I am toying with the idea of running the Houston half in January but I’m not signing up until October, if I can’t get in…I’ll figure it out but I do want to start training in September, if not sooner!!

Also, since the pregnancies are over I’m challenging myself to really get serious about my body and change the look of it with hard work. I’ve never really committed to doing this fully, half-ass yes but not fully. This blog is no longer a ‘mommy blog’; I have a blog for each of my sons for that. That’s not to say I won’t mention the boys here but I’m not going to document day in and day out the poop, sleeping patterns and boob stories here. Well…perhaps the poop and boob stories cause they sometimes make for interesting reading.

Watched the Olympic Trails this weekend, I get jazzed for the Olympics. I was home for the 2004 Olympics with the boy. The trials was a good introduction to those that will be in Bejing representing the US. I was watching the diving trials and the boy was captivated. I enjoyed watching him more take it all in for the first time more than I did watching the actual event.

Wimbeldon started…Whooo hoo!! That is another Summer staple for me that dates back to my childhood. Something I would share with my Dad, it got me through the Summer in Russia and it will get me through this Summer as well.

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