Speed Racer…literally

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Here comes speed racer…speed racer…here comes speed racer. Yes that is the song that served as background noise while I was being driven the hospital (45 minutes away) at 110 mph while during with contractions 2 minutes apart and my four year old in the backseat watching ‘Speed Racer’ and telling mommy everything was going to be ok.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2oo8

My plan for today was to begin wrapping up the odds and ends prior to taking Friday off and beginning my maternity leave on Monday. I went in to work early to stay out of the way of our housekeeper and I planned on finishing up Father’s Day prep and knocking some things off my to do list in the afternoon. I am having contractions but since they are irregular I figure they are Braxton hicks. I didn’t have these with the boy but I did some research on the internet and I felt sure those were they. Plus I was going to see the doc Thursday and she would clue me in as to what I was feeling. Thursday’s doc appmt would never come.

During lunch the girls had a diaper shower for me. It was just what the family needed. There wasn’t much we still need because we kept everything from the boy…I mean everything, nauseatingly so. What we didn’t have were diapers…wha la…we gots diapers. There was a ton of food. Kim made her heath cake and Kim J made peach cobbler from peaches she picked in an orchard we found out was nearby. It was a very nice surprise and each and every diaper will be put to good use covering my son’s hiney hoo.

As the night went on I kept having contractions but again they were not regular. While I was sleeping (yeah right) they started coming more frequently but still not with any sort of pattern. Until…4:15 ish, 20 minutes apart and at 4:30 the mother load hit. We were hoping to make it until 6, when the boy’s school opened but his brother had other ideas. After the whopper at 4:30 they started coming fast and furious. Thankfully all of our stuff was pretty much together and the hubby got the boy up and dressed and off to the hospital we raced…literally.

Not even halfway to the hospital the contractions began coming two minutes apart. HELLO…THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN. Do you know what I do for a living…I plan. Thankfully big brother was occupied by ‘Speed Racer’ and the hubby was focused on NOT delivering this baby in the car and I was doing anything and everything I possibly could to get through the pain.

We finally arrived at the hospital and a barrage of nurses swarmed in to get me in the OR for my C-section ASAP. Could they ask any more questions? In labor over here…Actually the nurses were stellar and things were happening so fast. The hubby and I called the doc on the way to the hospital because we both knew there wouldn’t be much time. My doc is out of town so Dr. Westmoreland, one of her partners took over.

When I got settled and they discovered I was more than 7 cm dilated. I did hear they bumped someone out of the OR for me since I was to have a C-section and the monkey wasn’t waiting. They gave me meds to slow the contractions. THANK GOD. Holy cow, those are not fun. I have the up most respect for woman that go through the birthing experience without drugs but I am not one of them. I am sure if I wasn’t having surgery it would have been to late for drugs.

The anesthesiologist asked if I wanted a spinal or to be put out all together and thankfully I knew what to expect and opted for the spinal. That anesthesiologist is now my best friend in the entire world. All was right in the world about two minutes after he gave me the meds.

I was sad the hubby couldn’t be in the OR with me (he was on boy duty). We did call Jodie to come get the boy and take him to school. Jod and Nic are my BFF…and I knew they would come through for me. But they were woken up and with traffic they were easily two hours away. So hubby sat with the boy. A nurse did grab hubby shortly after the monkey was born and brought Dad in so he could see the baby. It was a far different experience then the first time with the boy. I was aware, looking around and listening to the doc’s talk and intently listening for that first sign of the baby entering into this world with a cry. “I see an ear” the doc said and shortly after I heard the cry. Then my beautiful son appeared over the curtain for a quick peep.

Sage Logan Wayne made his appearance at 7:13 am June 12, 2008, weighing in at 5lbs 11ounces, 18 ¾ inches. 20 days before his official due date and 6 days before scheduled surgery.

The monkey is very healthy and handsome. Hubby got to bring the monkey into the recovery room where the boy got to meet his little brother for the first time. I wish I could have seen the look on this face. The hubby said he had a look of awe on his face.

Jod and Nic made it to the hospital while I was in recovery and took the boy to school. They were a blessing and took an entire day off work to help us out and visit with me. THE BESTEST FRIENDS EVER. Oh…I called my boss and told her I wouldn’t be at work, LOL…she about fell out of her chair that I was calling. When Jod and Nic came back to the hospital they were baring gifts, preemie clothes and diapers, LOL…we so needed those; didn’t plan on the monkey being that small.

The hubby called his mom, who lives in California, to let him know her grandson couldn’t wait until next week and if should could come in sooner. She was able to get on a plane that day and be in Houston by 11:00 Pm. So the hubby picked the boy up from school and took him to dinner to spend some time with him so he wouldn’t feel lost in the shuffle. I stayed at the hospital by myself the first night but didn’t have any problems and everything went smoothly.

The hubby and Mema stopped by Friday morning after dropping the boy off at school. The monkey and I survived the night and thankfully the nurses left us alone. No coming in every 3 hours to take vitals, we actually got to sleep. Very NICE!

Dr. Richter, the other partner came in and mentioned I could prolly go home on Saturday instead of Sunday since I was a model patient and had no issues. YAY…that would be awesome.

The monkey and I hung out, watched a lot of crappy daytime TV and took naps. The hubby came back after the boy was taken care of and settled in with me and the monkey for the night.


Death by Mayo

Saturday Dr. W stopped by early and said I could go home that afternoon. The hubby was still sleeping on the couch and didn’t even stir when the doc came in. She let us know she was prepping for the circumcision and would be back in ten minutes. Hubby wanted to be there so I attempted to wake him to let him know to get dressed. “Babe…Babe…SCOTT…BABE…” This went on for what seemed like five minutes and the man was not moving. I looked around to see what I had to hurl his way to get his attention and all I could find that ‘wouldn’t leave a mark’ was a package of mayonnaise. I should mention the hubby absolutely HATES mayonnaise anything that has or may resemble mayo. So…I launch the package of mayo and it hits the mark, on his chest. He immediately wakes up and is like what the heck and digs out the package of mayo impaled on his chest and looks at me in horror. I then find out the reason he couldn’t hear me, he had gotten up earlier that morning and put his earphones on. We laughed and I laughed so hard it hurt…which wasn’t hard to do since I had been cut open 48 hours before.

The hubby left again to get the family together to trek back up to the hospital and get me and the monkey to go home.


The Elevator Disaster

We finally were able to leave the hospital, with me and the monkey in the wheel chair, the hubby filming, the boy directing and Mema bringing up the rear. We get to the elevators and the boy slides in just as the doors were closing WITHOUT US! The nurse makes a half ass attempt to stop the door from closing and fails miserably. At this point I loose it!! My four year old son is in an elevator by himself and I just picture him getting off on one of the 6 floors in the hospital because the doors open. The hubby takes off downstairs to the first floor to intercept him and we’re waiting on the second floor just in case he comes back to us all the while pushing buttons hoping. We actually hear him at one point going up, past our floor crying. I’m tearing up just typing it all out. Finally, the boy shows up on the first floor with a man standing at the back of the elevator pissing his pants knowing what to do with this crying child. Dad was there to rescue him and they make it back upstairs and I try to gather my composure.

We get into the two cars and caravan home. The monkey did great on the way home, slept all the way. It was great to be home and start our routines.

The first night home was a bit challenging. The monkey ended up sleeping on my chest so we could all get a bit of sleep, instead of 15-20 minute increments. It’s working so far but I may be experimenting with some other methods, like perhaps the car seat in the bassinet. He doesn’t like his hands to be down at his side so I will be doing some creative swaddling.

The days since have been one of getting to know each other. Hubby and Mema have been a HUGE help, running errands and taking care of big brother which takes a lot off my mind.

So…that’s our story. Plan…plan and deviate from the plan…in a big way. I should have expected as much. The boy didn’t go with the plan either. That’s ok. All my boys are with me and I love it.

I just want to thank everyone for the love and support during this life changing endeavor. Especially Jodie, Nicole, Tim and Karen and Mema. We couldn’t have done this without you!

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