Cold Stone VS. Marble Slab

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During this pregnancy I can’t recall too many cravings, except for sweets. I would also say that I didn’t hit my ‘ice cream’ craving stride until about 7.5 months in. Then…everything changed. To keep it short, let’s just say I even stooped to programming my GPS for to find the closet ice cream vender after a doctor’s appointment and who knew 2.2 miles away a little piece of heaven was there waiting for me with open arms.

Now, I purposesly didn’t mention which ice cream vendor because I didn’t want to ruin the outcome of the experiement in the first paragraph.

In the beginning…the earth cooled and the dinosaurs roamed…I digress. Fast forward a few eras…my ice cream devotion as always been to Marble Slab. Why you ask, and even if you didn’t, they had what I liked and it tasted the same no matter what Marble Slab I vistited. Sweet cream with Strawberries. I know…I know…the craziest concoction you’ve ever heard of. That’s just what I do, in the wise words of my four year son. I’m the fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl…conforminty be damned. Now back to the ice cream.

When visiting a Marble Slab my order is as follows: ALWAYS…sweet cream with strawberries and sometimes, when I’m feeling really crazy I may ask for reduced fat sweet cream and always in a cone.

Here is where Cold Stone enters the picture. Near my home there is a Coldstone and every now and again the fam would take in dessert at said Cold Stone. I attempted to recreate my creative concoction by asking for sweet cream with strawberries and every time I was disappointed plus I absolutely hated their cones, I tended to find them a little obnoxious with the big ol sweeping top plus..their strawberries are so NOT THE SAME as Marble Slab’s, they needed to soak a little and get good and ripe. I was so bent about the cones I started asking for cups. What was the point? If you can’t already surmise I am very picky about food, combining food, food touching, yes, ice cream is thrown into that category as well. I tried to convince myself I would learn to love it and I failed miserably.

One day I was feeling cheeky and I talked myself up, went to the counter, did a quick scan of the available flavors and knew this time was going to be different. I placed my order…are you ready for this…STRAWBERRY ice cream with now settle down…I know you can’t even begin to fathom what is coming next…with…STRAWBERRIES! Wait…I’m not done yet. IN A CHOCOLATE CONE! ROCK ON! I gently reached across the counter and politely picked the servers chin off the cold surface before it got stuck. They were so impressed with the creativity of my selection they asked if they could name the selection after me. If you go into your nearest Coldstone and see something called The Red Daisy speak of me…and speak of me highly.

That day…I hit paydirt and Coldstone and I became pals, friends even.

Let’s summarize before we move one. In the category of ice cream, Marble Slab is still my first choice.

Now to the cones and the ever important portability of ice cream and the ease of eating while driving. I mentioned earlier I prefer my ice cream in a cone from Marble Slab and in a cup from Coldstone, that is until I discovered the yumminess of chocolate dipped cones. To begin I communte a little under an hour each way to and from work and there just happens to be a Coldstone on my way home and I have frequented there a time or two or twenty and a few times went out of my way to find a Marble Slab. During one experience at MS the ice cream rocked but for whatever reason…say the fact that it was hotter than the face of the sun that day or 150% humidity (which I know is not possible but if it was…that day it was 150%) BUT it started melting before I even left the shop and the bottom of the cone sprung a leak. Needless to say it was a bit cumbersome to eat, and drive and I was not able to enjoy the experience which is key. By the time I got home my steering wheel had a smattering of stickiness all over it and I had to change my shirt to get rid of the remnients that had deposited themselves on my shirt.

Quick recap…In the Coldstone corner…Big o opening and a handy little cup to cover the bottom to keep all the ‘drippings’ in. Now that’s eating ice cream on the go efficiently. More of the ice cream in my mouth and less on the steering wheel, protruding belly, lap, seat belt, window, floor board. I think the picture is pretty clear.

In the MS corner…rockin ice cream but the cone design is lacking.

An the winner is…and it’s a shocker…Coldstone. Duhn…duhn…duhn. EEEEKKKK

I know I’m shocked as well…but the facts don’t lie. Right now…I eat ice cream more in the car than I do sitting in a shop and by that fact alone I would rather have it all in my mouth then all over the front seat of my car. If they were right next to each other I would prolly have to go with MS.

So…really everyone is a winner.

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