8 Days and Counting

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I love the half days, did I mention that? I’m getting so much done and with most of my work stuff handed over my days are not too pressing, I come in, get some stuff done then it’s time to leave to be productive at home and get a bit of rest, which I’m not getting much of lately, not for more than a few hours anyway. As of next week…welll…someone elese will be making sure I don’t get more than a few hours of sleep at a time. No worries…it will be what it is. And I will have another man in my life to love!!

This weekend was another productive weekend. I HAVE A DINING room. Now that I think about it…I thought we purchased one with the house and I thought we had even bought a new table and décor a couple of years ago but it seems it went missing…for awhile. Lo and behold…we found it this weekend. We took it back from the mess and clutter and what nots and proceeded to spread the mess and clutter and what nots around. I don’t know about you but I consider that progress. A couple of eBay auctions, a trip to Goodwill and the mess and clutter and the what nots will be someone elses problem. I am so happy we found the missing dining room, even though it is a room that I have never once eaten in or a table that I have never once sat at but by god we have a dining room.

It would also seem the hubby and I have finally decided on a play yard for the boy’s birthday. We found one that we think would be perfect and about 500 bones cheaper. BONUS. We are just waiting on agreement on the final config (by each other) and measurements to be sure it fits.

Yet another resolution, the popping sound from our A/C; SOLVED. It scares the bejesus out of me every morning around 2a or so. The hubby scheduled the A/C peeps to come take a look-see and when the hubby told the ever so customer friendly, educated person on the other end of the phone what our problem was the person asked if we changed the filters. The hubby let the person know we had, without fail, changed the filters, even recently and the noise was still there. The A/C person replies “I reckon I don’t know what the problem is then, normally the filter is your issue in a situation like that.” The hubby then had to turn to me for a translation as he doesn’t speak ‘redneck’ as fluently as he remembered ; whereas I responded…the filter done did broke and he there don’t know how to fix it otherwise.

With that bevy of knowledge we decided to do some ‘troubleshooting’ with the filter. Basically we took it out. PROBLEM SOLVED. For whatever reason that vent does not like the filter we use, either it is too loose or heck…I don’t know. All I know is last night…at 2am and 3am and 4am…no freaking popping noise, just the melodic sound of the hubby snoring.

The boy and I spent a lot of time together this weekend, mostly at the pool. We laughed and played, of course the playing was not enough by the boy’s standards. I’ve read a couple of places that when a child turns four something magical happens and the tantrums stop, the whining stops and they begin maturing into normal human beings. I think we may be there. The last month and a half has been great, quite enjoyable. For instance we went to dinner, AT a RESTAURANT Saturday night and we had a nice family experience. The hubby and I had a conversation or two and the boy chimed in every once awhile with his two cents. No one was being threatened, or being nagged to GET DOWN OFF THAT TABLE and I MEAN NOW. It was all quite enjoyable. The best part…Cold Stone for desert. Eight days from now, the dynamic all changes. Are we a glutton for punishment? I like to think of it as a growing opportunity as a result of the challenging time that is ahead for all of us.

BTW, I will be blogging about my extensive research on the difference between Cold Stone and Marble Slab I personally conducted during this pregnancy. Stay tuned.
Now I’m off to home to gain paper shredding experience so I will be able to add it to my resume.

OH! Jod brought me my running shoes from our gym locker, I haven’t seen them in over 9 months and I believe I teared up a bit right after I hugged them. Glad to see a couple of old friends again. I’ll be seein ya real soon!

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