Week 36 Doc Update

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Lookin good…189 and holding. The monkey looks absolutely fabulous, 1cm and a fingertip dialated.

The doc started the ultrasound low to measure the head in order to determine approx how much the monkey weighs. The hubby remarked…he’s that low and before he could get low out of his mouth I’m like “YES”! All I can say…is thank goodness for alternative methods for birthing because seeing that big o head just made my va jay jay go…WHA.

So to the good part, he is still a boy, got a pic to prove it and he is measuring curently ~6.7 lbs and she expects him to grow to 7.5 to 8 lbs, no worries…the boy was 7.7 so I guess I can give Jo her premie clothes back. The doc said he looked beautiful. We weren’t able to see his face because it was buried in my uterus (and because he is my son I will absolutely not make a comment regarding men and their facination with that area).

I did get authorization to work ½ days up until I go on leave. (I’m trying to get through to my disability provider as I type…good grief I HATE electronic messaging crapiola, I just want a person! I real person, not the pissy “I don’t understand your request” seriously…

Whatever…it’s done!

Breathe in…breathe out. Cleansing breaths. I’m good now.

This morning I officially started my ½ days, 10 – 2. It is glorious. I got to sleep in an extra hour or so, took the boy to school, signed up the monkey for his spot in the infant room, dumped our paper into a community recycling bin, got ready for work, started cleaning my closet, made myself breakfast and got to work on time. Holy cow…I am soooo freaking productive. Now I just need to figure out how to do that after I come back from leave. Yeah…don’t see it happening.

Off to continue my productive day. PEAS out!

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