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This weekend was pretty good, low key but still productive, as the theme of the last few weekends have been. Saturday we ran a couple of errands in the morning after Taekwondo then cried mercy about midway through. It was FREAKIN hot. I grew up in Houston and I don’t care you still never become ‘acclimated’ or accepting of the heat and being 8.5 months pregnant just adds insult to injury. While in the midst of our trapcing we went to a Kid’s structure store to look at a playyard (swing set back in my day) for the boy’s birthday. We didn’t tell him where we were going and when we pulled up he exclaimed “We’re going HERE!” The hubby and I had to laugh. He was in hog heaven trying out all the different playyards. We’re still deciding and measureing to make sure it will fit. We will see.

My prize for the trapcing around in the ‘hotter than the face of the sun’ heat…a nap in my incredibly dark and cool bedroom before heading south to a friends house for the evening. I never understood the joy of naps until a few years ago. I process improvement at my job will be naps.

Saturday night the hubby had a boy’s night. I was really glad he could do this now…in a couple of weeks his ‘boys’ night’ will take on a entirely different meaning and the alcohol will be his coping method due to the loss of his sanity.

The boy and I meanwhile headed to Mel’s to celebrate her new job. She will be working with me…YAY!! She will do great! (You have a lot to live to Mel)! The boy had fun playing with the other boys and he was great. Very well mannered and used his listening ears. Good grief, especially in situations like Saturday night when he is the oldest by more than a year I see how grown up my boy is becoming.

Sunday the family went to the pool in the morning, I think we will make this a weekend ritual. It is so quiet and relaxing, for now. They boy and the hubby had a blast. It was nice to sit back and watch them and smile. They are such boys!!

The hubby and I watched “National Treasure” while the boy napped. I had never seen the movie but I always heard it was surprisingly good. It did not disappoint. Other than Nicolas Cage’s ridiculous toupee or wig, implants or squirrel on top of his head that was totally distracting it was a good movie. The hubby, true to form fell asleep, that’s just what he does.

After the boy napped we knocked out a couple of to do’s. My office/guest room in ready for the MIL and I set up the pack n play downstairs, we didn’t use it much with the boy but I’m thinking it will get more use now because we live in a two story. We will see, we have it…and I’m sure if it didn’t get set up and stored in the garage I will want/need it on day 5.

Not much else to report and not that any of that was exciting. We did finally finish Grey’s Anatomy last night, sad to see it go. Since most of the shows have ended this season that will force us to go back and catch up on 24 and Lost.

I hope everyone has a great week, I have my doc appmt tomorrow and we are getting an ultrasound. I can’t wait. I won’t have updates until Wednesday.

Stay cool…

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