Week 35 Doc Update

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Another afternoon appointment…wasn’t happy about it but I treated myself to an ice cream afterwards…and it was totally worth it. Reporting everything is good. I gained a pound, which I’m supposed to be doing, I’m up to 189. Heartbeat was excellent and strong and I’m one fingertip dilated. The doc seemed surprised I was already dilating did the same last time and ended up with a C-section last time, she murmered to herself…”I’m not quick to section, do you remember why?” I thought to myself…um…aren’t you the doctor? Then I mentioned that I thought the cord was wrapped or something like that because every time I had a contraction the boy’s heartbeat would dip. Oh and I WAS THE ONE IN LABOR…like I know.

She looked back and after almost four years I found out the REAL story, I wouldn’t/couldn’t progress and the most likely culprit was my pelvis is too small and he was too big…evidently 7.7 pounds is too big for my pelvis. Ok.

I’ve been cramping the last couple of days and she told me to drink more water that I was prolly dehydrated from the weekend and it turns out she was right. I feel much better today in that regard. I so wanted to ask her to let me go on half day work days but I felt like a pansy. There are women out there that are truly having a rough go at this and I’m just being selfish so I talked myself out of it. We will see which voice wins next time.

I have my final ultrasound next week. I’m excited; it means I get to see the monkey one last time before I actually see him. I don’t recall them doing this last time but it may be new or something to do with my age…everything seems to do with age nowadays.

Last night I slept pretty good for about four hours, after I put my earplugs in then I woke up starting at 4a what seemed like every ten minutes looking at the clock thinking I wouldn’t hear it and oversleep. Normally it wouldn’t matter but I have to work like 26 hours every day this week to make up for the holiday plus get in my forty. It is a tall older especially since I’m FREAKIN TIRED and I don’t have much work on my plate so basically I sit and try to look busy and watch the minutes pass. I hate being bored.

Ok…done bitchin for now. Cruise on over to they boy’s blog. Oh man…he was a trip last night.

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