Memorial Weekend 2008

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It is officially non-official start of summer. Friday I got a jump on my ‘chores’, that was nice and made a big difference on getting things done during the weekend. Saturday we went to Sam’s and the boy and I had an ok nap. He was figity and didn’t sleep long. I was soooo tired. Also, we have started having this popping noise from our a/c vent over the week and it is freakin loud. It has woken the hubby and I both out of a dead sleep. Well…I wouldn’t consider any sleeping I do of the dead kind. Perhaps a mild coma. Ya know…the kind where you can still hear everything but your eyes are shut. Yep…that’s me.

So anyway…Saturday the hubby grilled some BIG OL STEAKS and corn on the cob. We did our part to contribute to the statistic that Memorial Day is the biggest MEAT eating weekend in the U.S.

Sunday the hubby pressure washed the driveway and back patio while the boy and I went to the pool. We went early and it was nice. Hardly anyone there and the water wasn’t too cool. Needless to say we both spent a bit too much time out in the sun. Poor bug got a sunburn and Mom and one to match. After the pool we headed home for lunch and the boy was so tired he practically went upstairs to take a nap by himself.

The hubby and I watched “Before the Devil Knows Your Dead”. It was ok, I fell asleep. This one didn’t hold my attention. It was one of those where it told and retold the story from each character’s point of view. Normally I wouldn’t mind but I think I just didn’t have the capacity for a long drawn out movie. I like Philip Seymour Hoffman, but with clothes on. Marisa Tomei, I gotta give the girl credit…she looks good for her age, even without clothes which she was missing most of the movie. Ethan Hawke, he was just a pansy and I didn’t have the patience for him. Those are pretty much your highlights.

We went to visit Granny and Papa Boley Sunday night for dinner. It is always an adventure…especially when the hubby joins us; which he can only muster about twice a year. After some visiting I take the hubby and the boy with me to get dinner mostly to give hubby a break and we make our way to KFC, which I later discover no one likes but for whatever reason we ALWAYS go there when I visit. Nice. We place our $30 order at KFC, get to the window and wait about 5 minutes then the guy comes to the window and proceeds to explain the following:

KFC guy: “we have no wing, no breast and no tie”.

Me: “Excuse me, can you repeat that?”

KFC guy: “we have no wing, no breast and no tie”.

Me: “You have no what? Tie?”

KFC guy: “TIE” (because yelling at me is going to make me understand your broken English).

Me: “Oh…you mean Thigh. Um…ok…what do you have?”

KFC guy closes the window and talks to someone in the back for probably two additional minutes. Comes back to the window. “Nothing else”

Me: “You have nothing else? Do you know you are a KFC and you sell chicken?” (He just looks at me and tells me it will be 15 minutes)

Yeah…we’re about frustrated at this time. If they would have put the freakin chicken in when we ordered it and the time they took to explain and for me to understand they didn’t have any ‘tie’s’ the damn chicken would have been done. Good grief…I proceed to tell them to cancel the order and we go to Kroger and get better and cheaper fried chicken, no wings but we got plenty of tie’s. I mean seriously…this town that I grew up in is po dunk!

We make our way back home to eat our chicken and help Granny and Papa with their computer…they are almost 80…how awesome is that. No, they don’t know much but at least they are trying. The hubby is also greatful he won’t have to do this again until December. It will take him that long to recoup and be prepared for this years’ upcoming RenFest pix.

Monday was low key. Since we pretty much wore the boy out on Sunday we stayed around the house and watched movies most of the day and rested up for the week ahead. We finished the monkey’s room. Yes…I have pix!!

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