Everybody’s Free to Wear Suncreen

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The boy and I made the first of many pilgrimages this summer to the neighborhood pool this past weekend. We went early and it was a beautiful day. There were only two other families there and it was nice and peaceful, because the boy is able to go off on his own with the help of my watchful eye I had a lot of time to reflect on ‘the boy’. I sat on the the edge of the pool and watched my boy and his lean body play on the slide, squirt water at some unsuspecting passerby and pretty much splash around in the water without a care in the world talking to himself. So young and innocent and mine.

A bit later we went in the ‘big pool’ and I had to hold him because he doesn’t know yet how to swim (which we are rectifying in July). He clutched on to me for dear life and I had to practically pry him off of me. I was trying to get him to lie on his back and float but he would have none of that. He kept telling me “don’t let go mommy.” And I would reply “I’ll never let you go son.” Of course me being the hormonal, emotional train wreck I am these days I almost broke down right then and there.

There is something so powerful in those words for whatever reason my thoughts turned to the sadness in that statement…that yes son…one day I will have to let you go and you will have to make your way in this big bad world of ours and I only hope and pray your dad and I have given you the tools you need to be happy and successful in life. Then he splashed me in the face and the impending tears turned to exchanges of laughter and joy that I placed in that proverbial bottle with the memories I want to last forever.

Here is something to for all to reflect on…a blast from the past… Will post Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) later tonight.

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