Week 34 Doctor Update

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So I drove 1 hour and 10 minutes to the doctor to spend all of 10 minutes actually in the doctor’s office then drove 45 minutes back to my house. Yeah…she is that good and well worth the drive I’m just pissed that I can’t get morning appointments for the duration so I’m going to bitch about it a little bit more.

No, the nurses did not morph into scary crotchety old women after noon and the doc, well she was still her ‘lovely’ self.

The weight, whooo hooo…I only gained 1 pound in three weeks, up to 188. The boy is measuring well and heartbeat was 161. I verified that was a good heartbeat and not too fast and the doctor said it sounded very healthy and the fact that it is able to fluctuate is a good sign of a healthy boy. YAY!

What’s on tap for the next three weeks? Next Tuesday I have my group B strep screening, even though I’m not planning delivering via the vi ja ja it is a ‘just in case’ I go into labor early. On the 3rd I have an ultrasound to check everything out and see how much the monkey weighs, the 10th I don’t remember what she said but I think it is just a prenatal visit but I did remember it was going to be with one of her partners since she will be out of town. The 17th I will get my orders to report to the hospital for blood work and on the 18th…we get to meet the new man in my life. So…I guess I’m really doing this. Ok…yeah…starting to get a little freaked out.

Oh…and the chocolate empire…BIG…BIG…BIG…BIG, bigger than big. I’m so proud of the hubby.

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