Everyone Poops…

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I walk in the bathroom at work and I am just about overwhelmed by the toxic cloud lingering in the smallish area. Hey people that is what the downstairs bathroom is for…much larger space to disperse toxic clouds. I stuck my head in the anteroom and went in for a quick number 1 when the thought occurred to me if someone walks in they are going to thing I am the one responsible for the stank. Oh the horra…and just as I’m finishing up low and behold someone else walks in. That’s just great. I’m washing my heads and I hear the room spray being used AND see her spraying it in the stall I was just in. NOW it is confirmed she thinks I did it…not that she knows who I am. One of my fears was just realized. Not to mention someone came in right after that and she did see me.

Now I’m not so naïve as to think that no one poops…everyone poops…there was even a book written about it. But I am a responsible ‘pooper’ and I 1. go downstairs to the larger bathroom, away from everyone and 2. courteousy flush as to keep the smell from forming a toxic cloud over the bathroom stall. That’s just the kind of considerate girl I am and I am coming to believe I expect way too much from others in the expectation they be just as considerate. Oh well…yet another label I must deal with.

I just found out it was my friend that ‘sprayed me’ and she did think it was me stanking up the place. SEE…I didn’t perceive the situation incorrectly because I would have done the same thing. I’m carrying a sign in next time with the saying ‘it wasn’t me’.

Oh man…I’m still laughing.

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