Week 34 (28 days to go)

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I have a doctor’s appmt this afternoon. It totally freaks me out that I have to go in the afternoon. I’ve NEVER in the six years I’ve been going to my OB never gone for an appmt in the afternoon. I don’t know why it matters…but I think in the back of my mind everything changes after noon. The lights dim and the cranky and tired nurses and doctors come out. EEEEEEKkk…Don’t they know it is me…and I SHOULD GET SPECIAL TREATMENT. Actually I caught myself trying to justify why I needed my appmt in the morning, like they even care. Just make the freakin appmt lady. I reckon I’m fixin to start my weekly visits and I’m settling in for afternoon appmts for the duration. Oh well…three more visits…three more visits.

That’s all I got for today. Stay tuned…I’ll report on the doc visit tomorrow, y’all come back now…ya here!

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