Girl's Day and Making up for lost time

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This weekend was again another productive weekend and not just with chores.

I had the day off on Saturday and it was wonderful. I headed out to Clear Lake in the AM leaving the hubby and the boy to their own devices. We rounded up the troops and went to a co-workers house warming. I was very proud of the 3 Daises for making an effort. This is a huge rung to climb on the social ladder. I would like to think a lot of peeps were pleasantly surprised we all took the time to ‘bless them’ with our presence. Seriously…

More than the social conquest was THE FOOD!! I have never in my life eaten at someone else’s house and felt like my family cooked all the food. It is hard to explain but for me you go to a cookout and there is always that one or two foods that someone prepares that you don’t care for or perhaps the food is cooked with or without some jack upped spices. Not here…everything was YUMOLICIOUS!! The brisket melted in your mouth, the chicken wasn’t dry. The ‘cup’ of potato salad had just the right seasoning without all the onions and celery mucking it up. The beans were barbaquey and sugary and don’t get me started on the punch bowl cake. I literally didn’t want to stop eating and ended up being miserable for it…and I would do it all again and twice on Sunday.

After our two hour appearance the other 2 Daisies ran errands with me, primarily because I was picking up a bookcase for the Monkey’s room and I couldn’t lift it. Then we headed back to Jodie’s house for a nap. Well…Nic and I anyway. Poor Jod had to keep Lan occupied. She was prolly the one pressing the horn on his car thingy and pushing around the popper. (You didn’t think I saw you but I did).

Originally the ‘girls night’ was to make more jewelry but we got side tracked and decided to go to dinner and visit with each other instead, it was nice. Dinner was good and dessert was better and the company and conversation were priceless. I came home and my boys were in bed. They themselves had a fun filled day doing ‘boy stuff’. I really enjoy my time to myself but I found myself most content when I’m in bed, with a sleeping boy upstairs and my hubby by my side, all is right in the world.

Sunday the hubby brought in bagels and I started planning the day, making up for taking a vacation day on Saturday. I started the laundry and then commenced cooking for the next four hours. In an effort to provide myself and my boys with a healthy meal for dinner and healthy lunches as well I decided to do all the cooking on Sunday. I’ve proven time and time again it just doesn’t work with our schedule to make meals that don’t come frozen during the week. Not enough hours in the day. So…I cooked and laundered and managed to squeeze in a nap with the boy…it was lovely.

After naps we preceded to the Monkey’s room for more organizing and making way for the book case the hubby was putting together. The boy kept saying…”hey…these are my toys.” I had to explain they were his baby toys and now the Monkey will need them to grow up to be a smart as he is. He decided he was ok with that explanation. I finished up the room and it looks SOOOOO good. It is not picture worthy yet because I have to hang the curtains I went ahead and purchased and hang a couple of ‘projects’ I’m working on that are expected to be finished this weekend. I’m so anticipating it all finally being done. I started the Monkey’s hospital bag and my bag is halfway packed. I won’t put them in the car until the first week in June, just in case. I work an hour away from my hospital and these are the things I must think about…again…just in case. Oh…and I guess we need to install the car seat. Good grief the list just keeps growing.

And finally…I know these long diatribes are often tedious but things are way more interesting on the weekend of late than during the week. So…I catch up. I haven’t reported on the Boy’s behavior of late and why do you ask…because he has been AWESOME. NOTHING like before, he is enjoying school, getting good reports and at home he has turned the corner as well. His Dad and I are soooo happy and relieved, we had one minor setback last week but honestly I’m not concerned because of the positive change in his behavior overall has been outstanding. The next month will see more changes for him…let’s hope for the best.

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