My 4th annual Mom’s Day and another productive weekend

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Sunday was great. I had all my boys with me and although everyday is mother’s day at my house, aren’t you jealous, it was nice to receive the hugs and kisses and be told I’m appreciated.

Sunday morning the boy ended up in our bed due to the storm that came through, truthfully when it storms like that I love when the boy is in bed with us, I feel safe and secure. The other good thing is Sunday’s are my day to get up with the boy so the hubby can have some time for himself in the morning. Thankfully ‘getting up’ means turning over and flipping the TV on for some cartoons while mom get’s another hour of shut eye. This Sunday, the boy’s internal alarm clock went off and at 7a he asked me to turn on the TV. Since he was in our room he had no idea the sun was up and I told him it was still early and he rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour. I love me some sleep.

Around 8 I turned on the cartoons and while I was dozing I felt the boy lean over and give me a kiss on the cheek and whisper “I love you mom”. I just wanted to take that moment, bottle it and stick it in my pocket with all the other memories I want to hold to and remember forever. It was the sweetest gesture and being mom’s day made it that much more symbolic.

The hubby came in a little while later and announced he would be making his famous French toast. My mouth is watering now thinking about it. It has to be the best French toast ever made and I’ve tried a lot. If he was going to make a signature dish for Gordon Ramsey this would be a good second to the chicken marsala. YUMOlishes.
After breakfast the presents were opened and the boys did AMAZING…as always. The monkey got a couple of outfits that had MONKEYS on them. They are SOOO cute. I received a subscription to Oxygen magazine. I’ve never heard of the mag before but it looks great. Not like Fitness Mag, which I love, a bit more hard core. This is perfect because I’m making plans to go hardcore after this pregnancy. I’ve made a commitment to myself to really push myself to see what my body is capable of doing. I’ve never done that…ever. I ran and finished a ½ marathon and I never thought I would remotely do that. So…I’m going for it. That leads to the cookbook the hubby got me from I didn’t know it existed until then and I flipped through the book. WHA…real like non gourmet recipes one can actually make without going to a specialty herb and veggie store!!

I’ve made my menu for next week and I’m going to the store tomorrow to prepare everything on Sunday. I figured what the heck…no need to wait until after the pregnancy to start eating ‘right’ again. I’ve kinda took the last 8 months off from that enjoying what my heart desired. Well…I no longer desire the junk I’ve been eating. I think that is contributing to the tiredness that I’m feeling more than just the pregnancy.

The rest of the day was pretty low key. I did make it to Babies R Us to purchase my bedding that I finally convinced myself I did indeed HAVE TO HAVE. I had it on my registry and noticed it wasn’t available online anymore and I was panicking all the way to the store thinking that it was discontinued. I do believe they are discontinuing it but I got it and it is PERFECT.

I let the boy pick out a bear for the Monkey. There is history behind this event. I picked out the boy’s bear and unbeknownst to me at the time that bear is his security bear, the one he can’t sleep without. So I wanted to give meaning to the Monkey’s bear. Hopefully it will be just as much a part of him as the boy’s bear has been for him.

Also, I ordered this diaper bag from L.L. Bean. I was VERY proud of myself for deliberating about the purchase for so long, about four months. I finally decided it was the right move when I pulled out the diaper bags we used for the boy. One was WAY too big and the other was more suitable for toddler use meaning containing ‘extras’ for those just in case times. So I pulled the trigger.

Saturday was a most productive day EVER; we started out at Taekwondo and did stuff around the house. After more than two years we put the finishing touches on our bedroom, hung some stuff we didn’t really know where to put until that day. The hubby hung some shelves in his office and during the boy’s nap the hubby and I began our art project for the boy’s room, ten months after we were going to actually start it. We finished it on Sunday but oh my gosh…it is so awesome. Here is the pic…

Jose, our lawn guy installed three more French drains in our lake…backyard. We’ve had issues ever since we moved in. We finally decided it would be nice to actually USE the backyard instead of watching the ducks wade through it after a significant rainstorm. They also tidied up all of our plants and made ready for the additional plants coming on Monday. I finally got my azaleas. Perhaps now we can get the boy a swing set for his birthday.

That evening we attended a graduation party at our neighbor’s house. They rented a moon jumper and it was a hit, although VERY warm. We stayed until about 9 and we were ready to leave. It’s funny, she had a lot of family and other friends over but it is not the same as our flamingo parties, even when the flamingo gang is there. We flock together and just talk, which isn’t a bad thing either. I was bummed I had to miss out on the jello shots though.

Friday the hubby took off work to work on his ‘to do’ list. The Monkey got his name and pictures of us as kids hung in his room. I am working on finishing up the curtains and hopefully we will get a book shelf this weekend and with one more ‘art’ project we should be good to go. I’m not stressing about it but I need to finish up my office before my mom in law…tick…tick…tick. Only four weekends left!

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