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Before I begin I was working on posting yesterday but got busy so you get it today and kick it.

The three daisies had a very productive meeting with a person I will call ‘In The Know’ (INK). We had an opportunity to voice our concerns and get genuine feedback with a side of constructive criticism. It was just what I needed. I did find out that I did indeed have a label around the office and I immediately prepared to defend my actions. I could feel the heat rising as I sat there and listened but then I quickly simmered down when I realized it was true. My label, ‘tough’, that’s what they call me, whoever they is. So I ask…is that a bad thing? My answer I was given…yes and no. It is the yes part that I need to work on. Without going into too much detail I did receive clear perspective and I agreed I could be seen as tough and intolerant.

In an effort to be cognizant of my intolerance one of the daisies made this label for us three…something we can look to and remind ourselves that label could lead to ‘doesn’t work well with others’ and that is just dead wrong and unacceptable.

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