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It is Friday…whoo hoo! Here comes the weekend. What is on tap? A graduation party and I am sure what will be a delightful Mother’s Day and SLEEP. Dang I am pooped.

Work is off…not sure what is going on or how to handle the vibes I and a few others are getting. Hopefully I will know more by the end of the week next week. BUT…I so don’t want to think about next week when it is Friday. FRIDAY!! The best part of the weekend because it is the longest time before the start of a new week. Lovely. We did get some good news but I’m not at liberty to post it here…yet. ALOT of relief is on the way.

I was pretty productive today, I thought it would be slow but actually stacked up to be nice and busy. I wrote my first newsletter to my monkey. That was fun and put a smile on my face.

Nothing interstesting so I’ll sign off now. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Be Safe!

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