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I am in Leadership and Management training today. So far it is bareable…mostly because I’m sharing the pain with a couple of peeps I know. So far nothing I didn’t learn in college but since that was…holy cow…10 years ago it is a good refresher.

Over the course of this week I’ve received several compliments that I don’t look like I’m fixin to give birth in a little under six weeks and that I’m ‘glowing’ (whatever that means)perhaps the glare from the oil slick across my forward and cheeks is blinding their judgement.

Not much else exciting is going on. Trying to get through the day. Oh…the boy, you know the almost four year old boy that I make reference to almost everyday that I write on this blog…he woke up this morning and told me he could not go to school because he has a cold. (Really it was just a scratchy throat that was easily remedied with a glass of water) Seriously…YOU ARE FOUR! Who gave them their book of tricks? Did he find mine? This is so a glimpse of the future. Must…get…prepared.

Back to training…peace!

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