American Chocolate Gangsta

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This weekend was a good weekend. Busy, as I am sure they will be from here on out but productive. The hubby and I tag teamed projects and it really worked well. When we are on…we are on.

Saturday morning the hubby took the boy to taekwondo and allowed me a bit of time to work on the Monkey’s room. I took some stuff out of his closet to make room in my closet for when the hubby’s mom comes to stay. I covered stuff we won’t need for a while to be stored in the garage…utilizing our new state of the art storage facility. I proceeded to start the laundry, made breakfast when they returned home, cleaned the kitchen and had the boy help me paint letters for the monkey’s room while the hubby went to the grocery store. During the boy’s nap I started hemming the curtains for the monkey’s room then got ready for the two birthday parties we were scheduled to attend that afternoon and evening. I know detailing every minute of every day makes for boring reading I wanted to document awesome we are at getting stuff done.

Birthday party number one was for one of the boy’s old classmates at his previous pre-school. We didn’t tell the boy we were going because we wanted to surprise him. The hubby and I made a discovery this weekend…the boy doesn’t like surprises. No, I wouldn’t say he doesn’t like them he just doesn’t react the way you would think someone would act when presented with a super duper fun experience with a super duper fun friend you haven’t seen in almost a year. Yeah…you can thank me for that one. Two words…engagement and Russia.

We showed up at the birthday party and the adults were happier to see each other than the kids were. There was a light at the end of the tunnel, it took all of 15 minutes and it was like they were never separated. I did notice the boy didn’t necessarily know how to handle the ‘new friends’ portion of the show. It wasn’t all about him like back in the day. He still managed to have fun and boy howdy does he hate to watch another kid open presents.

Birthday party number two was for our neighbor; her 10 year old son organized a surprise party for her. It wasn’t a flamingo party but all the ‘flamingo’ neighbors were there. It was awesome to have other kids there and the boy just ran around with them the entire time. Oh…there was the cue ball incident but everyone was ok and the ball was returned safely.

Sunday was much more relaxed, as planned. The hubby and I ended up watching ‘Ame.rican Gang.ters’, well, to be honest we watched the first half and slept through the middle and we’ll finish it up at a date to be named later. The hubby’s business partner’s wife’s aunt’s grandmother’s sister’s daughter made a comment that the she and my hubby were the American Chocolate Gangster’s; instead of drugs they sell chocolate. All kidding aside, they are successful for a reason! But seriously there were a lot of similarities. My advice, if one of them comes at you with an empty sugar jar…I suggest handing over the 20% and walking the other way…carefully and slowly with your hands in plain sight.

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