Date Night 2008

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The hubby and I had a date night on Saturday and we raved! Me and my 7 month prego belly wedged into a table at the Chi Lounge in the Woodlands, this is the second time we’ve been there and it didn’t disappoint from our first experience. I had a glass of wine…two weeks in a row, I’m a rebel. The food was delectable and the company was exquisite.

There was a couple sitting sort of next to us and the hubby and I were trying to figure out if they were out on a first date or not. Conclusion they were so out on a first date and the guy was so in over his head…not to mention she was about three head’s taller than he was. It just solidifies I’m so glad I’m not ‘out there’ any longer. The agony of first dates…several first dates, the creeps and freaks, thanks hon for taking me away from all that.

The hubby and I love to watch other people…we actually find great conversation with our observations. For instance we talked about our worst first dates ever. Mine…when the guy gave me a poem at the end of our date, THE FIRST DATE! Thankfully I had met him somewhere and he didn’t know where I lived. When I told him it wouldn’t work out he kept BEGGING to see me. I get chills just thinking about it.

After dinner we went over to Market Street at the Woodlands and had ice cream. Buzzfest was going on at the Pavilion and My Chemical Romance wafted through the streets. The weather was stellar and we sat and ate our ice cream and people watched. We are never at a loss for conversation and when there is silence it is always comfortable.

We toyed with the idea of going to see ‘Baby Mama’ but we were 15 minutes too late. So…we decided to pack it in and head home. I didn’t have a ton of energy this weekend and going home and getting in my jammies sounded way more enticing that staying out until midnight just because we could. Not sad…just practical.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. It was rough for me in the fatigue department. Yesterday it took everything I had just to go to the bathroom. We kept the boy cooped up and used the TV as a babysitter…;yes, please nominate us for parents of the year. Nonetheless he really did great.

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