Week 30

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Wow…how the week gets away from you if you blink. A quick recap of the weekend Saturday was ‘girls night’. We raged until the unheard of hour of 11pm. Five of us met at Nic’s studio and went to town making glass jewelry. I’m totally addicted. Even though it was low key it was nice to sit around with the girls, have a glass of wine and watch us all bring to the table our different creative inspirations. The sweet nectar of the wine was delectable.

I found myself the ‘square cutter’…sorry about all that glass I ruined Nic. I think I may have found a new calling and a need for service…once I get good at it of course. We will see…I want to do some ‘technique’ experimenting. I can’t wait until we get to the cold working process in order to finish and polish everything to make ready for sale. Nic should have a good lot come October.

Sunday became productive in the chore department. The hubby finished the plywood in the garage ceiling and we now have a ton of extra space. The boys and I worked in the backyard tidying up and FINALLY planted the lilies, I love progress.

This week has been a chalk full of activity. Work has been crazy with pre-flight prep. As of today I’m in good shape. Tuesday I got bad news regarding my glucose test. I freakin failed by 1 point and Tuesday was so not the day I needed that news. The day started out fine and I shrugged a couple of incidents off but then things just started piling on and on and on. I was done.

When I got the call I had to apologize for taking the news out on them, like it was there fault. I really don’t have room in my schedule to give help more than half a day. I knew my diet has been crap this time around and I’ve been pounding a TON of sugary whatever I could get my hands on. I tried to cut back the day before my test but alas…I failed. I’m a failure and now I have the privilege of spending four hours on my birthday in the doctor’s office not eating, drinking sugary stuff and getting poked with a needle once an hour for three hours. Happy Birthday to me!

The rational side of me totally understands this is necessary and will protect myself and the monkey for the remainder of my pregnancy but the selfish side of me says “COME ON”!!

It is what it is and I’ll load up the IPOD with podcasts and bring a book and I will look on the positive side, our cleaning lady comes on Wednesday so I will be out of the house. I will just plan on spreading out what I wanted to get done that morning between now and then. Really…it’s all good and I’m sure I won’t have any issue with passing the next round but here’s hopin.

Update on the boy…he’s moving up to the next class at school. Thank goodness. They were supposed to wait until next week, well…what’s a few days early and I think everyone is happy about it all around. Initial reports are good, he’s adjusting perfectly and all is right in the world, this hour. In a month when the rest of the ‘misfits’ from his class get moved up we will be bracing ourselves for repeat offenses. I hope and pray not.

On that note, this weekend is officially by birthday weekend. The hubby and I have a babysitter and we’re going to dinner. I’m way excited. A new outfit and shoes are in my near future; other than that I will be working on some stuff on ‘my list’ to get done in the next seven weeks.

That’s about all I got…wishing a couple of friends luck in their upcoming races this weekend. A Jod is doing a half marathon in Oklahoma and a Melyssa is doing a Triathalon in Louisiana. Mosey on over and wish them luck.

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