Stripe 2

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The boy had Taekwando last night and he totally rocked it. He is one of the smallest guys in his glass…perhaps by an inch or two, most are 5+ years old and he is the loudest. YES SIR!

Tiger testing is next week and they are trying to get everyone ready to move to the next belt, you have to have your three stripes in your current belt color in order to test to move on to the next belt. I don’t have high expectations the boy will master the third level on Monday, but I don’t count him out either. I watched a boy test for his third stripe and I’m like…holy punches and kicks batman. It was great to watch. Go lil man.

I have to note…when the older kids were getting their stripes (they go in belt color order) the boy was not happy. When his named was called his face just lit up. Oh man did he get my competitive nature. Now I have to explain you don’t get a stripe EVERY time you come to class now. Although if he wanted it bad enough…he prolly would try.

What’s on tap for the weekend? Workin on console late tonight; which I haven’t done in prolly 4 years now. Tomorrow we have a neighborhood BBQ. I’ll make a brief appearance then head out for a girls night at Nic’s house. She has an art studio and it is a wine and jewelry night. I won’t be partaking in the wine part…unfortunately but I sure am going to enjoy the girl time.

That’s about it…I’ll squeeze in planting some lilies that have needed to planted for sometime and perhaps some more organizing in preparation for the monkey. Gots to get my Disney stuff on ebay!!

Happy Friday to all and to all a good weekend!

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