Updates: Me and the Boys…

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The boy: Got into trouble AGAIN yesterday, spitting on a classmate. Seriously…I have no idea where he gets this crap. Wednesday cannot come soon enough. We are at our wits end. Defiance, sure, attention seeking, ok, no respect for the teacher, yeah I get it but DUDE…even those those are all things I understand could go on in a three year old I constantly ask myself, in our obsession with doing everything right did we do something to screw this kid up? I guess we will begin finding stuff out tomorrow.

The monkey: Already in position and uncomfortably moving around. Loves to play kickball with my ribs and I thought he was going to fall out entirely last night. Dude…

The hubby: Down 8 lbs but of course it looks like 15. Men suck when it comes to losing weight…they make it look easy. He has been working hard and I am very proud of him. Fixin fresh veggies, healthy dinners and lunches and cutting his portions down. Last night I asked him if I could buy two tickets to the gun show…hubba…hubba.

Weight: I’m up to 185 with 9 weeks to go, scary, the most I’ve ever weighed. I know I’m prego and I should just roll with it. Whatev, I still gotta loose all that crap AFTER the baby is born. So, I went to the store for lunch and got stuff for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, all organic, whole wheat and low sugar, pink lady apples, reduced sugar oatmeal and healthy nutty snacks. I can still eat but I’ve decided to make better choices.

Me: I said earlier I went to the doc today found out they FORGOT to give me the yucky sweet stuff on my last visit for my Glu.cose testing. I of course ate because I wasn’t instructed not to, so my prize…I get to come back on Friday. Whoo hoo!! I’m a bit frustrated because I have no vacation and I was reminded yesterday that negative vacation should only be used for emergency (I’ve been negative going on 8 of the 9 years I’ve worked here). I’m attempting to manage my time better but life has had other plans. I’ll roll with it and do what I can.

Oh…heard something on the radio this morning that was rather profound. “Stop DOING and start LIVING.” I know I’ve heard it before but for some reason it stuck this time. The statement came from a man that was saying he was old enough to be a grandpa and all of the things he wished he had done as a younger man such as pay attention to nature, take more trips, work less and worry less, enjoy more. Good words to live by in order to achieve a fulfilled life, IMO.

Cleaned out the medicine cabinet yesterday after work, the only reason I mention it is because 1. I can’t believe the amount of EXPIRED crap we had in there (about ¾ of the crap). 2. Need a band-aid…we’ve got Dora, Cars, Shrek, Scooby-Doo, Spiderman, Clear, Brown…small, medium and large…you got a favorite I’m sure we own it. 3. I rock at organizing. I wouldn’t say I have full blown OCD but maybe I suffer ~25%. I am way “Sleep.ing with the En.emy” when it comes to labels on cans and bottles. MUST FACE FORWARD, the beatings are only given if I have to remind the hubby more than once a week, it just makes since. I bought shelf stands for the cabinets and various sizes of take away tupperw.are and labeled them, magnificent work if I must say.

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