Lucky Stripe

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The boy got his first stripe for self defense last Thursday. Of course I’m the proud, competitive mom and noticed there is a boy that is older and started about a week or two before the boy and HE doesn’t have his first stripe. Don’t let me paint a picture of being that overbearing mom that only sees her son as an overachiever and he has to WIN at everything cause that’s not me…on the outside. I would only admit this to my hubby and my blog. BUT…you go son.

Week 29…Jeepers only 9 more weeks to go.

Friday the hubby and I took off work. We did a ton of stuff, our donations were picked up, I was able to take back the toy room and get it under control and as organized as it could be. The rest of the day was bevy of errands. It was nice to have the day and even though we were not able to spend ‘quality’ time together we made the most of it.

Saturday seems just a blurry. The boy and I went to his school for a couple of hours for the Spring carnival. It was nice, thankfully we went early because I heard it got crazy in the afternoon. As crazy as a day care carnival could get; I picture socs and the greasers challenging each other to a mean game of dodge ball. First rule of playground dodge ball…there are no rules. Heavy stuff…

After naps we headed down south to our friend Nicole’s BBQ housewarming. It was very nice; she even thought ahead and got a moon walk for the kids to keep them occupied. There were babies and food a plenty. It even got chilly out so we broke out the fire pit. We headed out around 10 but I heard they raved until 4. Yeah…I’m too old for that crap.

Sunday the boy woke up with a horrible cough and he and I had a jammie day. I was nice but I was a bit irritable as well…don’t really have a good reason why…oh yeah…I’m pregnant and that is a good enough reason. He and I slept a lot and tried to keep it low keep so he wouldn’t get full blown sick. This morning he seemed to have recovered nicely.

The behavior chart worked for a couple of days then he lost it on Friday. This weekend was ok…better than last but not stellar. Holding out until Wednesday, come on…have a good day today.

Doc appointment tomorrow.

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