A little bit of crazy to go with your fruit loops…

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From Jodie: “Sandy went in to labor, so Nicole and I went with her to the hospital. When we got there, we (nic and I) were telling the doctor that we’d been tired and were gaining weight…so he put us in beds by Sandy and gave us a shot in our foot, well, the shot was pictocin (sp?) and then Nicole and I gave birth to boys and Sandy had a girl. And I was thinking, dang no wonder I was so tired, I was pregnant. “

“So then we were like, oh man, we have to go let Mike Hurt know that Nicole and I will be out for maternity leave. So we came back to the office and they were going to make an announcement about gold badges, Sandy and I saw the list and it was 4 people, but not nicole! It was Tom, Tanya, Lamar and someone else, so we were trying to go warn nicole before the announcement. But then we had to take a test to see how much maternity leave we got…it depended on how much your baby slept and how much you had to nurse, so they only gave me 2 weeks off.”

LOL…I’ll have whatever she’s having.

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