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Week 27

I am now the official last woman standing regarding pregnant women in my dept. Three down…one to go and that is me. The three that went before me had great deliveries, no complications and all the mommies and boys are doing fine. We’ve managed to have lunch with at least one of them once a week sense February. It’s been fun. The first of us four just came back to work today. I know she’s feeling it.

How am I feeling? TIRED! Actually, that is how I’m feeling right now. This weekend was a busy one and I’m sleeping like crap. It’s almost like I’m so tired I can’t get a good sleep in. Come on…In a few months lack of sleep will become a way of life… Can’t I just get one good one 6 out of the 7 days in a week? Please? The monkey seems to be up at 1-1:30 and again around 5. Yeah…yeah…yeah…I know he’s probably less and less comfortable as all that room starts filling up with HIM. I do love to feel him move though. Even in the middle of the night. There is something very comforting to know I’m doing my job.

Last Friday was the hubby’s birthday. We kept it low key at his request. I got him some cross trainers for working out, a couple of pair of shorts and a few shirts as well. I thought it would help him stay motivated. He’s been doing a really good job sticking to his work outs and eating plans. Hopefully it will motivate me in a few months.

Saturday we ran some errands and had lunch at Zio’s then starting watching ‘No Cou.ntry For Old Men’. We haven’t finished it yet because the boy got up from his nap…of course it’s a 2.5 hour movie and gone are the days that the boy sleeps that long (unless it is with me).

The family then tackled the garage. Moved stuff back into the house that had made its way out into the garage. Trashed stuff we hadn’t missed sense we moved 3 years ago and piled a gynormous amount of empty boxes in the corner waiting to be moved to the garage ceiling where the hubby would be installing plywood on Sunday to accommodate said items.

Man…that was some work. I was beat Saturday night and it showed as I went to bed around 9:30. But…it doesn’t matter cause my sleep sucks.

Sunday we started out trying to help hubby install the plywood but it was just as well that the boy and I stayed out of his way. Things were not going right and yeah…we went inside to escape the cussing and snearing.

In the afternoon we headed over to Landon’s house for his 2nd birthday. It started out as a themed party earlier in the week but he soon discovered and it was everything from then on out.

Maddox, the boy and Landon were the only true kids. Mr. Danny and Mr. Loi could also qualify with that label. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the yard, scarfing birthday cake and cheese balls. We finally said goodbye, a bit early but we were all spent. Made it home and to bed.

Yeah…nothing too exciting, we are trying to hire someone to paint the baby’s room. Our neighbors told us they would get us a number and haven’t come through yet…HELLO…do you see this big o belly. Time is something I don’t have. Hopefully they will have it by this weekend or we are going to need to do some more asking to someone else.

At this point paint is the main thing we need to check off our list. Yeah…I think I need onsies and cloth diapers to use as burp/spit up rags. Other than that we are set. In a month we’ll start ‘staging’ everything to be ready but purchasing a million things is not something we have to worry about this time. Thank goodness.

I go to the doctor in a couple of weeks for my Glu.cose test. FUN…I could have sworn last time they gave me the sweet stuff at the appmt prior to the actual test so I could drink it before hand and wouldn’t have to sit and wait for an hour. I guess requirements have changed. FUN! I must remember to bring a book.

Other than that not much else is exciting news. The hubby reminded me I need to get the boxes out of my office closet, which also doubles as the guest room before his mom comes out. Didn’t have that one on my ‘to do’ list. I don’t think it will be a problem once we get’s the monkey’s closet unpacked with the stuff we actually need for his arrival.

OH…I ate fish last week, a few times, YAY me. That is one thing that I haven’t really had the pallet for this time around. But I do want to eat healthier than I have been. Fish tacos have really been a hit at our house the last week or so.

Yeah…I got nothing else. A lot of drama at work is going on but I know better than to post it here. Things should be back to normal in a month or so.

Peace out!

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