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Week 25

Went to the doc last Friday, was there all for 10 minutes. Weight is good (however a little much for me) 177. I started at 155…which was about 10 lbs heavier than my first pregnancy. I got up to 183 with the first so I’m hoping I won’t go over 195 with this one. Although I’m not really trying hard to watch what I eat, my body tells me what it wants. Sometime it is all veggie all the time (very rare) or sugar…sugar…ahhhh…honey…honey. It’s the last one…so I’m enjoying every bit of it.

I pre-registered at the hospital so we are all good to go for June 18th. I got the paint for the room but the ceilings are too high so the fam will try and tackle it this weekend. I can prolly wait until the following weekend to give the hubby a break but it will be more and more difficult the bigger I get.

We got a newborn swing or I should say a ‘soothing center’. It is supposed to be awesome. I put it together over the weekend, it looks great. Can’t wait to put the lil monkey in it, hopefully he will LOVE it.

Oh…I bought a prego bathing suit and went to the beach this past weekend. Not to bad. I did feel like a cow cause my legs have gotten bigger but it was comfortable and hid most of the right things. If I could have worn something head to toe and still gotten sun and been fashionable I would have worn that. Whatev…come this time next year…I’m going to have a rockin body. That’s my goal.

This past weekend was a whirlwind but really…really fun. The hubby went to New Or.leans to meet up with a few of his childhood friends. They came from California and Florida. So it was just the boys and I left to fend for ourselves.

Saturday the boy went back to Taekwondo for the second time. This time he participated the entire time and followed most of the directions. I was VERY proud of him. I think he is going to do great and it is just what he needs to get him on the right track regarding following directions, focusing and what not. I think holding off on soccer another year will be better for him as well. Letting him focus on the Taekwondo and getting a year under his belt (no pun intended) will allow him to excel in other activities/sports.

So…we started at Taekwondo, moved on to IHOP for breakfast then went to Galv.eston to meet the Rhodes’ and the Vije’s for a day at the beach. OMG…the boys LOVED it. The water was cold but I wouldn’t get out in that pit if you paid me to. The boy ran and ran and ran, dug and dug and dug and he still kept going. We did have the unfortunate incident with the sandcastle…but we moved on and played nice the rest of the time.

After the beach we all went back to the Vije’s house for dinner, surf and turf. The kid’s played in the other room. So many toys, so little time. The girls sat in the kitchen and talked, the big boys were at the grill and the lil boys in the living room. It was perfect, a very nice adult evening with the kids.

Then came the jalapenos…and fire…fire..fire.

HOLY COW!! 40 jalapenos later and about 15 minutes after I was finished jeepers…my hands were on fire. I don’t mean minor discomfort or skin irritation type fire. I mean…5 alarm…I would peel the skin off my hands if it would make it stop fire. Just in case this happens to you the following will not work: Toothpaste, Malox, milk, vinegar, limes or baking soda. All found online. Yes, the milk, vinegar, limes and baking soda relieve the pain for about 10 minutes then it’s back to just laughing at you…you think you are going to get relief…here you go with more pain. If rubbing poo on my hands would have made it stop I would have gladly done it….twice.

Finally…we stopped with the baking soda and Mel gave me gloves to keep from making a mess. Jod and Mel kept spooning the baking soda in my gloves to make me believe I would at any moment get some relief. I was afraid to touch the boy, go to the bathroom or put my hands anywhere near anything that may hold the oil from the jalapenos. I made it home, painfully took a shower and settled in bed for a long night. Thankfully I was so exhausted a fell asleep pretty quickly and when I woke up in the morning only a light sting on my finger tips and the lingering spiciness when I licked my fingers would remind me of the previous evenings ‘ordeal’. I still felt that sting through Sunday and Monday I woke up sting free. Good grief. Moral of the story…do not offer to cut jalapenos without kevlar kitchen gloves. BTW…I’m doing a safety pitch at work from my lil ‘experience’.

Sunday the boy and I slept in, it was glorious. We got up and made it to the 12:15 showing of ‘Horton Hears a Who’. Great movie, I don’t recall ever reading the book. But it went really fast the boy was mezmorized. There was a lot of adult references and humor. Nothing crude but very subtle, the boy would look at me and ask me why I was laughing…of course he found nothing funny.

We shared some peanut M&M’s and as the boy sat on my lap the monkey in my belly started kicking him. The boy was giggling. And so it begins…don’t make me separate you two!

We picked the hubby up from the airport and he was tired. Coming and at 3:30 and 5:30 in the mornings isn’t what they used to be. Every now and again it is nice to have those lil reminders of why we don’t act like we are 30 anymore.

It was a great weekend, the kind I like, busy but chalk full of family fun and socializing. I wish the hubby had been here to enjoy. We’ll make an effort for the future.

Peas on Earth!

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