Week 21

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Went to the doc on Tuesday, this time I got it right. I’m notorious for showing up at the doc office on days I’m not scheduled…the hubby doesn’t really like it when I do that. Anyway…we got this one right. Finally got the report on the ultrasound, all is good and normal, measurements look great. We officially set the C-section date as June 18th and now I need to register at the hospital. Doc says I’m about four weeks away from feeling extremely tired and fatigued…really…is that just something that happens the entire pregnancy cause I haven’t really NOT been tired and fatigued…do you mean to tell me it is going to get worse? FINE! I’m done with this…next.

The hubby is going to Ve.gas this weekend and the first part of next week for work. Wish him luck although he doesn’t need it. They are going to kill!!
The boy and I will be left to our own devices…Saturday night I will be attending our street Flamingo party, I’ll be the prego one raging. Whatev…10:30 and I’m pretty much done. Sunday we may take another trip to the zoo with some friends, it is supposed to be nice out and we better take advantage while the weather is bearable. We will see tho.

That’s all I got…peace out.

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